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““One to one Strength and Conditioning support has opened me up to a whole new level of physical fitness. I now see S&C as a main part of my preparation for competition to ensure optimal performance at a lighter weight”- Callum Beardow, Former ABA Junior National Champion 
“The team pioneer new training methods to improve the physical capabilities of boxers. I’m positive that this facility and it’s team are the best in the country, and I’m certain that this will soon be nationally recognised inside the boxing circle.” – Jordan Gill, Lightweight Professional 
“Sheffield City ABC’s involvement with Sheffield Hallam University’s sport science team has seen marked improvements in our boxers’ athletic performance”- Brendan Warburton, Sheffield City ABC Head Coach 
“Those runs, though, are unbelievable! Some may only last 20 minutes but in that time there are some incredibly intensive intervals on a really high pace”- Kid Galahad, Super-Bantamweight Champion

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