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Our methods are evidence-based and super-effective.

We’ve proven that our methods help athletes fitter, faster and stronger at amateur, professional and world level.

However, many coaches and athletes may find difficulty in integrating them into training schedules.

This maybe down to people feeling under-confident , or not having the facilities, time or money to perform these training methods….

In our BRAND NEW online membership services, we give YOU the guidance, education and information for you to utilise the Boxing Science methods in YOUR training environment.

We have 3 different levels for you to access to suit your budget and goals.


Sign Up Today an Get Instant Access To Boxing Science Training Methods..


Here are our membership options, click on the links for more information

Accelerated Performance Membership


Your Quick-start Guide to Sport Science in Boxing

Membership includes:

  • Punch Harder E-Book
  • 4-Week Training Programme
  • Science Behind Boxing Seminar
  • Accelerated Performance Series, a 6-week training and educational series

Boxing Science Membership

£8.99 / month

Learn from the best sport science practitioners in Boxing and MMA

Membership includes:

  • Access our Exercise Library with over 50 video demonstrations
  • Weekly workouts for strength, running and circuit training
  • Over 25 video practical and educational coaching workshops
  • New workshops uploaded every month
  • Exclusive discount offers on our training products

Train Like a Champion

£19.99 / month

Follow the training methods we deliver to professional athletes

Membership includes:

  • Access all of our Train Like A Champion programmes, covering your physical training for the year
  • Nutrition guides and meal plans
  • Youth Training Programme – 36 weeks of training
  • Circuit training posters to display in your gym
  • New programmes released in 2020 (TLAC 4 and 5)
  • PLUS – All the features of the Boxing Science Membership

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