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When Jordan Gill joined the Boxing Science programme in May 2015, he had a vision of achieving world level strength, speed and fitness in four years time.

Fast forward to present Jordan is now a well established professional boxer the in hot pursuit of world honours. Along the way he has picked up European, Commonwealth and WBA international featherweight titles.

Sport Science Training is not just a quick fix or will get you instant results. It has to become a part of your lifestyle and regular routine… your physical development should go hand in hand with your technical improvements.

Most boxers join our programmes with short term goals, looking to get fit quick and wanting instant results. However, Jordan understood the long-term process of athletic development and his aim for his sport science support was to have world level strength, speed and fitness in four years time.

We’re at that stage now, and the results of the programme have been phenomenal. When Jordan stepped into our lab, he was a skinny kid with poor flexibility and an endurance type fitness. We’ve used heavy lifting, explosive strength training, high-intensity interval training, altitude and heat conditioning sessions to transform him into a strong, fast, robust athlete that can perform at very high-intensities

1.6 secs

This is the time Jordan would beat his 2016 self in a 100m race

A lot of the conditioning we do involve maximal sprints, exposing Jordan to high lactate levels and pushing him near to physical exhaustion. The best example of where this helped Jordan was during round 4 of the Ryan Doyle fight. He unloaded about 80 punches in under 1 minute, and was able to recover and go again. Many boxers wouldn’t have been able to maintain that intensity or might have “punched theirselves out”.

The best way to describe the benefits of Jordan’s physical training on boxing performance, is that we develop the physical capabilities to support the quality work in the boxing gym. Which means he has the skill set and the physical attributes to do what he wants, when he wants, as often as he wants.

Now, pursuing more big fights and titles in a move up to super-featherweight, we look forward to supporting him on his journey.