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Here we take a look at Andre Ward’s Strength and Conditioning methods. Despite being known for his technical prowess, the undefeated Ward still had fantastic athleticism that saw him become a two-weight world champion.

In our series “Train Like A Superstar”⁣, we’ll be taking a look at Boxing and MMA champion’s training methods and and selected exercises, explain the benefits of these and coach you how to perform these ⁣in your gym.



This clip was taken from a strength and conditioning session prior to his rematch with Sergey Kovalev in 2017.

Andre Ward performs a Kettlebell clean into a waiter hold. This is a great exercise that primarily develops grip strength and shoulder stability.

Furthermore, the uni-lateral nature of this exercise activates the lateral stabilisers of the core muscles.

8-10 reps each side x 3-4 sets

Perform during warm-ups or as an accessory exercise.

Like the look of this exercise? You should try this one too….

Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press is a vertical pressing variation that targets muscles in the posterior shoulder with an added benefit of challenging grip strength.

For optimal technique:

Set-up in a half-kneeling position, bracing the core, keeping your ribcage locked down. The head should in neutral and the shoulders should be pinned back and down.

Use the non-working hand to initially stabilise the kettlebell, before pressing overhead.

Avoid flaring of the rib-cage as you press vertically by actively engaging the core.

As you press upwards its important to not shrug the working shoulder, keep the shoulder-blades locked back and down. Think about bringing your bicep to your ear whilst pressing up to achieve the correct overhead position.

Lower the weight under control to the starting position, maintaining a tight grip on the kettlebell.

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