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Boxing Science Elite Pack


Ready to Train Like An Elite Athlete?

In this pack, you receive our most advanced programmes in just one program…. and SAVE £££!

10-Week S&C Program

8-Week Conditioning Program

NEW Nutrition for Boxing Handbook 





  • 10 Week Strength And Conditioning Program

    This world-class strength and conditioning program is guaranteed to improve your strength, speed and explosiveness, with the ultimate goal of helping you punch harder!

  • HIIT! Brand New Conditioning Program for Boxing and MMA

    This Programme is Guaranteed to Improve Your High-Intensity Fitness .... which can be Treadmill Based OR Outdoors

    24 HIIT Sessions Designed to Go Through The Gears and Dominate the RED ZONE

    Developed by Scientific Research and +10,000 Hours of Experience

    Used by World Champions, Professional and Amateur Boxing and MMA Athletes Worldwide

  • Nutrition for Boxing by Boxing Science


    Improve your body composition and fuel your performance

    We're excited to launch our BRAND NEW Nutrition Handbook - Ideal for any boxer or combat athlete looking to....

    • Improve Body Composition
    • Gain / Maintain Muscle Mass
    • Fuel Training and Recovery
    • Make Weight Safely and Effectively

    The Boxing Science Nutrition Handbook contains +100 pages of evidence based practice to help you FUEL YOUR PERFORMANCE. 

    These strategies are implemented with world champions, professional boxers and amateur combat athletes.... and can help you optimise your training results.




In this pack we will give you the tools to train like an elite athlete, and unlock your athletic potential

These 3 e-books cover the key areas of your physical preparation to get fitter, faster, leaner and stronger

Strength and Conditioning for Boxing – 10-Week Program

Boxing Science’s 10-week strength and conditioning program is the essential program for boxing athletes of all levels.

If you’re looking to better yourself physically and punch harder, then this strength and conditioning program is for you!

We will take you through 10-weeks of challenging strength training, designed specifically to improve boxing performance. Based on years of research and coaching experience, our strength training philosophy is developed to meet the demands of boxing as well as adapting to the limitations of the sport.

Strength training to improve movement and strength

Exercises to improve core stability, strength and speed

Plyometrics to improve speed and explosiveness

Mobility exercises to reduce tightness, soreness and the likelihood of injury

Written and Video demonstrations of the exercises


  • 8-Week HIIT Program for Boxing and MMA
  • “Conditioning for Combat Sports” Video Workshop by Dr Alan Ruddock
  • Fitness Test + Spreadsheet to Monitor Progress

Boxing Science to launch our BRAND NEW conditioning programme “HIIT: for Boxing and MMA”

This program has been developed by SCIENTIFIC research and + 10,000 hours of experience, now accessible at your fingertips! These methods will push you to the MAX, challenge you psychologically, and transform your fitness levels.

Boxing and MMA are very demanding and complex sports…. therefore our conditioning programme doesn’t just work off straight forward work:rest ratio model……

We switch up the intervals to work through the gears, challenge speed, adaptability and mental toughness under fatigue.

The series of challenging and effective sessions are structured into a progressive, detailed plan to help improve high-intensity performance and taper for fight night.


Physical conditioning has always been a huge priority for boxers. Whether it’s Muhammad Ali’s long road runs, Mike Tyson’s skipping workouts or Manny Pacquiao’s Track sessions, the greats have always put in the hard graft in search for supreme fitness.

In fact, ask any boxer and they’ll tell you how important physical fitness is for successful performance. It’s important to be able to work at high-intensities, last the distance and perform to your full boxing potential, from the first round to the 12th.

Over recent years, the growth in popularity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has challenged the traditional methods of long-steady runs in the view to build endurance.


  • Detailed and informative nutrition guide to help you fuel your training for optimal performance.
  • All you need to know for macro-nutrients: Why? What? When? How Much?
  • A 3-phase diet guide suited to YOUR weight category.
  • Make the weight easier than ever with advice on what to eat on fight week, on the day and before you climb the ropes.


Are you wanting to lose body fat and retain muscle mass?

Wanting to fuel performance and enhance your recovery?

Are you wanting direction with your diet and achieve optimal results?

If you answer YES! Then the Boxing Science Nutrition Handbook is ideal for you.


The Nutrition Handbook is one of five handbooks that complement each other to put together YOUR OWN world class sport science program, so you can now can train the Boxing Science way ANY TIME, ANY PLACE!

This + 30-page handbook offers guidance on the types of food boxers should eat and when to make the weight safely and effectively. We also provide hydration, fuelling and recovery strategies so you achieve the optimal results session by session.

We provide a TAILORED 3 phase diet plan to YOUR weight category that will help you reduce body fat and maintain muscle mass so that you become fitter, leaner and stronger than ever.


It is well known that boxing is a weight category sport, and athletes aim to achieve the lowest body mass possible in order to ‘be big at the weight’ to gain an advantage over their opponents.

To gain this advantage, you want to have optimal body composition. That means reduced body fat and maintenance of muscle mass, this is most likely to be achieved with a structured nutrition plan.

Most nutrition plans require an athlete to be in a calorie deficit, this means training performance and recovery rates may be impaired. Our world-class nutrition plan will manage the timing and type of foods to help you fuel for training and refuel for optimal recovery.

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