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Boxing Science Elite Pack


Ready to get fitter, faster and stronger? Smash PB’s and elevate your performance?

The elite pack gives you everything you need to maximise performance and Unlock your potential!!

In the Elite Pack, you will receive three of our most popular programs within just one affordable purchase

The rise in popularity for sport science in Boxing is fantastic, with coaches and athletes recognising the benefits of being strong and explosive in the ring. However, many still find it difficult in selecting the right exercises or performing in a set structure during a 10-week training camp.

No need to search the internet in frustration anymore looking for the perfect answer, as in a one-time purchase you will receive everything you need to train like an elite athlete.

We have three products for you to help guide you through strength and movement training, high-intensity conditioning and nutrition.

These methods have been utilised by world champions, and have been adapted to help 1000’s of athletes and coaches around the world.

The best thing about the Elite Pack???

These methods are GUARANTEED to improve performance, can be accessed ANYWHERE in the world and can be applicable to ALL athletes at any level.

In the Elite Pack you will receive three ONLINE PRODUCTS….

  • 10-Week S&C Program
  • High Intensity Conditioning Program
  • Nutrition for Boxing Handbook
  • 10 Week Strength And Conditioning Program

    World class strength and conditioning program at your fingertips

    Access the strength training methods utilised by European and World champions.

    Suitable for all training levels and minimal equipment required.

    This is program guaranteed to improve your strength, speed and explosiveness, with the ultimate goal of helping you punch harder!



  • HIIT! Brand New Conditioning Program for Boxing and MMA

    This Programme is Guaranteed to Improve Your High-Intensity Fitness .... which can be Treadmill Based OR Outdoors

    24 HIIT Sessions Designed to Go Through The Gears and Dominate the RED ZONE

    Developed by Scientific Research and +10,000 Hours of Experience

    Used by World Champions, Professional and Amateur Boxing and MMA Athletes Worldwide

  • Nutrition for Boxing by Boxing Science


    Improve your body composition and fuel your performance

    We're excited to launch our BRAND NEW Nutrition Handbook - Ideal for any boxer or combat athlete looking to....

    • Improve Body Composition
    • Gain / Maintain Muscle Mass
    • Fuel Training and Recovery
    • Make Weight Safely and Effectively

    The Boxing Science Nutrition Handbook contains +100 pages of evidence based practice to help you FUEL YOUR PERFORMANCE. 

    These strategies are implemented with world champions, professional boxers and amateur combat athletes.... and can help you optimise your training results.

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In the ELITE PACK we will give you the tools to train like an elite athlete and unlock your athletic potential

These 3 e-books cover the key areas of your physical preparation to get fitter, faster, leaner and stronger.

This is your opportunity to train like the Boxing Science athletes, reach new fitness levels and maximise your performance.

The e-books can be accessed ANYWHERE in the world, are easy to understand and applicable to anyone with the motivation to improve overall athleticism, body composition and high-intensity fitness

product 1 – Strength and Conditioning for Boxing – 10-Week Program

Strength and conditioning has rose in popularity in recent years, with boxers recognising the need to be strong and explosive in the ring. However, with so much information across social media it’s often difficult to select the correct exercises and perform in an organised structure.

Boxing Science’s 10-week strength and conditioning program provides you with evidence-based strength training to cater to boxing performance, carefully structured to progress performance and taper down for fight night.

This makes the Boxing Science 10-week strength and conditioning program the essential purchase for boxers, athletes and coaches.

If you’re looking to better yourself physically and punch harder, then this strength and conditioning program is for you!

We will take you through 10-weeks of challenging strength training, designed specifically to improve boxing performance. Based on years of research and coaching experience, our strength training philosophy is developed to meet the demands of boxing as well as adapting to the limitations of the sport.

Strength training to improve movement and strength

Exercises to improve core stability, strength and speed

Plyometrics to improve speed and explosiveness

Mobility exercises to reduce tightness, soreness and the likelihood of injury

Written and Video demonstrations of the exercises



Do you want to increase fitness and dominate high-intensities?

Do you want to take part in challenging but highly beneficial conditioning sessions?

Do you want to eliminate the guesswork in your training and follow a set conditioning program developed by experts?

This program is perfect for any amateur or professional athlete wanting to improve high-intensity fitness whilst eliminating the guesswork, following a set structure to ensure progress, avoid overtraining and peak for fight night.

Boxing Science present “HIIT: for Boxing and MMA”

    • 8-Week HIIT Program for Boxing and MMA
    • 24 Challenging and effective Treadmill Workouts
    • Outdoor alternative program available
    • “Conditioning for Combat Sports” Video Workshop by Dr Alan Ruddock
    • Fitness Test + Spreadsheet to Monitor Progress

This program has been developed by SCIENTIFIC research and + 10,000 hours of experience, now accessible at your fingertips! These methods will push you to the MAX, challenge you psychologically, and transform your fitness levels.

Boxing and MMA are very demanding and complex sports…. therefore our conditioning programme doesn’t just work off straight forward work:rest ratio model……

We switch up the intervals to work through the gears, challenge speed, adaptability and mental toughness under fatigue.

The series of challenging and effective sessions are structured into a progressive, detailed plan to help improve high-intensity performance and taper for fight night.


Physical conditioning has always been a huge priority for boxers. Whether it’s Muhammad Ali’s long road runs, Mike Tyson’s skipping workouts or Manny Pacquiao’s Track sessions, the greats have always put in the hard graft in search for supreme fitness.

In fact, ask any boxer and they’ll tell you how important physical fitness is for successful performance. It’s important to be able to work at high-intensities, last the distance and perform to your full boxing potential, from the first round to the 12th.

Over recent years, the growth in popularity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has challenged the traditional methods of long-steady runs in the view to build endurance.

In recent years, the growth in popularity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has challenged traditional methods of long-steady runs to build endurance.

Long Road Runs vs HIIT Training has been a debated subject over the past several years due to the growth of sport science in Boxing.

Boxing is a high-intensity intermittent-impact sport that forces athletes into the red zone (> 90% maximum heart rate) whilst being exposed to high blood lactate values (>10 mmol/L). This means that boxers should look to develop the ability to perform at high intensities.

As an athlete, we want you to become red zone dominant and be able to control muscular acidosis. This exposure to high-intensities will help you be prepared for anything in the ring come fight night, and to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

In this handbook, the Boxing Science co-founders Danny Wilson and Dr Alan Ruddock break down the science behind boxing and the physiological demands of boxing that define our need for high-intensity conditioning.


This program is ideal for anyone looking to get in shape for amateur and professional boxing. The methods shared in this program are used with our professional boxers preparing for domestic, European and world title fights – and the athletes have definitely seen the benefit.

We have seen 10-30% improvements on a range of physical performance markers that are related to high-intensity fitness. 

This means that our athletes can perform high-intensities for longer without effecting fatigue, technical performance and concentration. 

Essentially, they are now comfortable with the uncomfortable.

This program makes our methods non-exclusive to these professionals, but accessible to amateur and recreational athlete looking to challenge theirselves during training and improve their fitness levels.

We’re excited to launch our BRAND NEW Nutrition Handbook – Ideal for any boxer or combat athlete looking to….

  • Improve Body Composition
  • Gain / Maintain Muscle Mass
  • Fuel Training and Recovery
  • Make Weight Safely and Effectively

The Boxing Science Nutrition Handbook contains +100 pages of evidence based practice to help you FUEL YOUR PERFORMANCE. 

These strategies are implemented with world champions, professional boxers and amateur combat athletes…. and can help you optimise your training results.


Due to boxing being a weight category sport, nutrition plays a massive role in helping an athlete make weight safely and effectively. However, nutrition can play a more important role in boxing than just helping an athlete make weight.

At Boxing Science, we plan our nutrition strategies to help fuel high intensity performance as well as being able to recover from hard training sessions. This can be difficult when athletes train twice a day and regularly in a negative energy balance.

Impaired recovery can lead to decrements in performance as well as an increased risk of injury and illness. The guidelines here will ensure you are fuelled for training without compromising making weight. Like all our approaches to training it’s based on scientific evidence and planned and delivered in a deliberate and systematic manner.

Getting the correct nutrition advice is crucial in a boxers development. Nutrition can help unlock your physical capabilities by optimising your body composition, fuelling your sessions and making weight safely and effectively.

Here are the key features of the Nutrition Handbook…


Protein is for muscle, Carbs are for energy, Fat is for health…… most athletes know this but struggle with knowing what quantity to have, periodising effectively during camp and how to structure their daily intakes around training.

In this handbook, we explain the science behind macronutritients, why they’re important for Boxing and how to implement them into your diet.


During a training camp every day will not be the same due to changes in your training volume and intensity. Therefore, it is important that you manipulate the energy you consume accordingly. For example, a 12-round sparring session and a high intensity running session will require a greater energy demand than a taper of a light speed-work session. Furthermore, a rest day will require less energy than a training day.

In this guide, we provide you with templates for regular training days, harder training days and rest days.




During fight week there are some variables that can be manipulated to help lose some extra weight before the weigh in. This can be in the form of food, water and sodium intake. In this e-book, we share some evidence-based strategies to make weight more effectively.


It is vital that you have a rehydration and refuel strategy to make sure that no stone is left unturned for optimal performance. If the rehydration and refuel strategy is not optimised this can put your health at risk and be detrimental to your performance. The handbook will share our strategies that will ensure that all markers are in place to improve your performance in the ring.


We provide you with some tasty and healthy recipes to have at certain times in the day – based around hard sessions and recovery days.


Supplements is a massive area for athletes to manage. We often get asked what are the best supplements to take? When to take supplements? and how much should you take?

From a massive market of 100’s of different supplements, we’ve narrowed it down to a selection of highly-effective supplements to help boost performance and health.


This is an information e-book that will guide you to better practices in Nutrition for Boxing and Combat Sports

We do include templates for high, low and medium level training days. We also include strategies around session types as well as a range of different recipes.

At Boxing Science, we’re firm believers that nutrition shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all approach’. Athletes should have plans suited to their individual needs, have the support and education.

If you wish to take part in one of our nutritional plans – check out our 10-Week Bespoke Nutrition Packages.

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