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10 Week Strength And Conditioning Program



World class strength and conditioning program at your fingertips

Access the strength training methods utilised by European and World champions.

Suitable for all training levels and minimal equipment required.

This is program guaranteed to improve your strength, speed and explosiveness, with the ultimate goal of helping you punch harder!



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Boxing Science’s 10-week strength and conditioning program is the essential program for boxing and combat sports.

Whether you’re a recreational, amateur or professional athlete, this program is suitable for anybody looking to better yourself physically and punch harder.


This program is guaranteed to help improve strength, movement, speed and explosiveness.

The program consist of 10-weeks of challenging strength training, designed specifically to improve physical performance for Boxing.

Our methods are based on years of research and coaching experience, our strength training philosophy is developed to meet the demands of boxing as well as adapting to the limitations of the sport.

  • Strength training to improve movement and strength
  • Exercises to improve core stability, strength and speed
  • Plyometrics to improve speed and explosiveness
  • Mobility exercises to reduce tightness, soreness and the likelihood of injury
  • Written and Video demonstrations of the exercises


Why is Strength Training Important for Boxing?

Heavy strength training is often viewed negatively in boxing and combat sports. The feeling that “weights make you slow” guides athletes and coaches away from lifting heavy and there’s an element of truth to that.

But at Boxing Science, we meet the demands of the sport by making athletes strong, fast and explosive with carefully structured S&C programming – not simply with “heavy weights”.

A punch is delivered in a blink of an eye, often under 400 ms. This requires an athlete to produce a  lot of force in a very short amount of time, often referred to as the Rate of Force Development (RFD).

Over several years, we’ve had the pleasure of training amateur and professional boxers of all levels – from junior amateurs through to world champions.

We’re open minded and always looking to evolve our training program. Through exploring new methods, collecting data and reflecting on process, we’ve developed a unique training system. We have helped athletes improve strength, speed and explosiveness to meet the demands of boxing.


Punching forces in amateur boxing are around 2500 N… If you weigh 70 kg (11 stone or 154 lbs), you’ll exert about 700 N of force just stood still. That makes punching force about 3.5 times body mass.

And to make that even more impressive your punch takes around six-hundredths of a second (~60 ms) to throw.

Punching requires rapid force development and can be developed by explosive strength training.

Our program is not your typical strength and conditioning program… we also share the ‘Science Behind the Punch’ and what are the principles of our strength training methods.

Boxing science strength training methods

In the e-book, we share our strength training approaches, the science behind them and how to best apply them in the gym.

We also share video demonstrations, detailed coaching cues and coaching workshops so you can execute each exercise with precision.

The 10-week program is segmented into multiple phases to develop strength foundations, maximal strength and then strength-speed. This will allow you to progressively build strength to then transfer into fast, explosive actions.

We then integrate our tapering methods to ensure that you achieve peak performance on fight night….

The results pay off in the ring…

Check out some of the recent performances from Boxing Science athletes…


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At Boxing Science, we have delivered our strength and conditioning programs to 1000’s of boxers around the world. The levels of these athletes vary, from recreational and amateur athletes all the way to European and World champions.

Some of the fantastic champions include; Kell Brook, Lerrone Richards, Terri Harper, Jordan Gill, Hopey Price, Fabio Wardley, Kid Galahad, Jamie McDonnell, Dereck Chisora and many more….

Our methods are research driven and evidence based, along with the experience gained from delivering the programs to outstanding athletes.

This program is guaranteed to help you move better, get stronger and punch harder. 



On our wall in the performance centre we have the quote ‘The Blueprint to Elite Performance’.

Our programs are built on experience, research and evidence. Our data driven approach means that our programs are guaranteed to improve an athletes physical performance.

Athletes are looking for the 1%’s to gain an edge over their opponents, however our programs offer 10-15% performance improvements in just 1o weeks,

This just requires 100% commitment and effort from the athlete, and the results will follow. Check out Terri Harpers first ever Boxing Science camp below;


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We have been fortunate enough to have worked with many world champions, however we wanted to share our training methods to more athletes and coaches so we can help improve physical performance training in boxing. In 2016 we launched our online training programmes, and these have been accessed by 1000’s of athletes and coaches from all over the world. We have received some fantastic feedback;


“If Boxing Science were around during my career, I would’ve been world champion a lot sooner, and a lot longer”


“Boxing Science’s programs have been really effective building my boxer’s strength, speed and fitness. It has given me increased understanding of S&C and how to implement this on a session by session basis”


“Boxing Science are what Boxing has needed for a long time, a team dedicated to researching the best ways to get boxers performing at their very best come fight night. Our boxers thoroughly enjoy the Boxing Science programs and reap the rewards


When you purchase the program, you will receive the link to download THREE separate PDF’s


This is your introduction to strength training as we share our scientific research and justifications for strength training. We also show how this has influenced our strength training philosophy, and what are the goals of the program you’re about to partake in.

Also included in this PDF is our remote testing protocol, so you can analyse your performance, set goals and monitor your progress whilst on the program.


The program is visual, dynamic and easy to follow so you know exactly what you need to do, how many reps and sets.

This is accessible via your smartphone, and can also be printed out.


Clear written and video demonstrations with coaching cues for every exercise performed on the program. This means you will be able to perform every exercise safely and effectively to optimise your results from the program.

The videos can be accessed via the Boxing Science membership… you will receive a FREE 3-month membership with this product!

What Equipment do I need for this program?

You don’t need a big fancy gym / training centre to perform this program. We have adapted the program to suit most training environments. However there are a few desirables that you will need to complete the program;

Olympic Barbell + Weight Plates

Trap Bar (not essential, can have alternative exercise)

Dumbbells + Kettlebells

Medicine Balls and Resistance Bands

If you don’t have all of this equipment, don’t let this put you off as you can contact our coaches at ANY TIME to provide you with alternative exercises.

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