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Download the Boxing Science Warm-Up

Improve your pre-session mobility routine to improve movement, reduce injury risk and fire up performance

This gives athletes and coaches the opportunity to easily follow the Boxing Science warm-up in their gym

Step 1. Purchase and download the Warm-Up poster in high resolution PDF format

Step 2. Send PDF to a local printing shop (online) to print in appropriate size (we recommend A1 or A2)



Mobility Training for Boxing

Due to the intense, repetitive nature of boxing, and sport in general, athletes become ‘tight’ in certain muscle groups and ‘underactive’ in others creating muscular imbalances that impair performance and increase risk of injury.

Therefore, movement and mobility training is an important component of an athletes training program to help improve physical performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. Benefits include:

  • Improved range of motion in key areas such as the hips, shoulders and trunk
  • Better force transfer through the kinetic chain leading to a harder punch
  • Increase robustness and decrease risk of injury enabling continued progression and long term development

Boxing Science Movement Training

Over several years, the Boxing Science team programmed 100’s of training camps and understand how frequently boxers experience soreness, niggles and injuries.

Through our knowledge, experience and research, we have been able to identify key areas that boxers should target to achieve world-class functional movement.

We target 4 key areas in our movement training protocols, and integrate this into our mobility warm-ups.