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Train Like A Champion 4



We’re proud the return with the fourth instalment of our hugely popular Train Like A Champion Series.

This is a 10-week sport science program that will help you reach your strength, fitness and body composition goals.

The Train Like A Champion 4 is available via online e-books and accessible worldwide.


Train Like A Champion has been accessed by 1000’s of coaches from all over the world, utilising the Boxing Science training methods for a variety of goals.

The TLAC 4 program is built on years of research and experience of working with 100’s of athletes – from amateur boxers to world champions.

Now you have the opportunity to access these world-class training methods and have your very own virtual sport science team at a click of a button.



Boxing Science provides cutting-edge training to boxers and combat athletes worldwide; we are at the forefront of academic research in combat sports and deliver educational programmes to boxers and coaches using our insights from elite performance and pioneering research.

Our sport science practitioners have over 25 years of experience from grass-roots to elite performance, and we are proud to have worked with hundreds of professional and amateur boxers, including World, International, Commonwealth, European, British and regional champions.

We have developed our unique insights into the preparation of boxers through rigorous scientific exploration of the key factors that underpin boxing performance. Our physical performance tests enable us to identify the characteristics required for successful performance and analyse these in detail on an individual level. This scientific approach helps us to plan and deliver training programmes with precision and unlock an athletes potential.

Train like a champion – Accessed by 1000’s of athletes and coaches world wide

Although the benefits are well-recognised, a lot of coaches and athletes avoid using strength and conditioning (S&C) due to contrasting information, lack of guidance, time and cost. So in 2016, we launched our ‘Train Like A Champion’ programme to help coaches and boxers integrate sport science into their training routine.

‘TLAC’ is the most comprehensive online sport science programme in boxing and combat sports as it covers strength, nutrition, conditioning, movement training and testing. These methods are time-efficient, accessible for all and easy to follow.

We have progressed TLAC across three separate instalments which have been accessed by thousands of coaches and athletes worldwide. We’re now excited to be launching our fourth and most advanced program to date.


We love hearing feedback on our programs, whether it’s athletes praising it’s effectiveness or coaches being impressed with the information that we share.  This makes us extremely excited to share TLAC 4 with you as this is the BIGGEST and BEST product we have ever put together.

  • Advanced S&C and high-intensity conditioning methods
  • Our world recognised ‘Boxing Science Testing Battery’
  • Detailed and easy to use monitoring tools
  • 100’s of pages of training information presented via infographs


This program is for anyone who is motivated to improve, get the most out of their training and unlock their potential.

TLAC 4 will take the guesswork away for athletes, provide evidence based training methods to help improve physical performance.

  • Professional Athletes
  • Amateur Athletes
  • S&C or Technical Coach for Combat Athletes
  • Keen trainers who want to train like a Combat Athlete

Do I have to complete the TLAC 1-3 programs?

Not necessarily….

The TLAC programs are developed in a continuous series to provide steady progress for strength, movement and fitness.

You can take advantage of the program if you are already a competent athlete that can perform compound lifts and have performed high-intensity interval training. You will have the foundations set in place for this program to help take your physical performance to the next level.

If you don’t feel like you’re ready for TLAC 4, you can try out the rest of the TLAC programs with the TLAC membership or TLAC Bundle. 

World Class Training Made Accessible

Most world-level training programs are exclusive to world class athletes. At Boxing Science, we’re firm believers in making evidence based methods accessible for all levels in order to elevate the training standards in Boxing and Combat sports.

The TLAC series has helped boxers, coaches and amateur athletes from all over the world

TLAC 4 is our most advanced program to date, including the cutting edge training methods we utilise with our elite athletes at the Boxing Science Performance Centre.

Here is how our training methods have helped professional boxers improve their strength and fitness for championship level fights.

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This is an online program that is delivered in a series of five electronic handbooks in a PDF format.

You will also receive excel databases to analyse your testing results and monitor training loads.

With this purchase, you will also receive a FREE 3-month Boxing Science membership.

Intro handbook

This will include your remote testing guide to help you highlight strengths and areas for improvement.

A guide on how to monitor training and apply recovery methods to gain the extra %’s out of your training program.

Brand new sport psychology section giving you the tools to set goals, stay consistent and reflect on your progress.

Strength handbook

10-week strength program that focusses on maximal strength, strength-speed, explosiveness and speed.

Explanation of the science behind each training to give you a better understanding of explosive training for Boxing.

Exercise demonstration videos and training database so you can execute your program,

Conditioning handbook

10-week high-intensity conditioning program that will push athletes to their physical and mental limits in order to acheive supreme Boxing fitness.

You will also learn the science behind our conditioning methods

Access to training database to accurately monitor your training loads

Nutrition handbook

A guide on a boxers macronutrients, including recipes for meals and snacks.

How to plan your nutrition for different days to fuel for heavy training days and adjust for rest days.

Fight week nutrition to make weight safely and refuel effectively.

Access to over 50 recipes on the Boxing Science membership.

Movement handbook

100’s of exercises to integrate into your program to help move better and reduce the likelihood of injury.

9 different movement categories important for boxers to master.

This includes Lower Back, Elbow, Achilles and much more.



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