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Red Zone Circuits


Boxing Science circuits have helped professional boxers get fitter, faster and stronger.

Our circuits are structured using scientific principles to optimise fitness results.

Over 30 circuits that require no or very little equipment, and can be used in any training environment.

These circuits are not a structured program – so this e-book is perfect for anyone looking to add circuits to their sessions, for the boxers in the gym or their personal training clients.

PLUS – Video demonstrations for all the circuits in the e-book.


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Circuit training has been a metaphorical stalwart of boxing tradition, helping champions in shape for the past century.

Circuits are a way of combining a range of exercises to target predominantly aerobic fitness. Some of these are gruelling and feel like they will get you fit, but often performed for too long or with poor exercise selection that affects the ability to target adaptations that underpin high-intensity performance.

In this program, we share our circuits that have been structured and optimised in the pursuit for red zone adaptations.

At Boxing Science, we have always recognised the benefits and convenience of circuits for Boxing fitness. Prior to the launch of Boxing Science, we ran large group sessions named ‘Combat Conditioning’ which included a conditioning circuits.

Since then, we have tried, tested and refined our training strategies for our conditioning circuits. We’re excited to share these with you.

‘Red Zone Circuits’ is an effective method that we us to help fighters get fitter, faster and stronger.

First of all… what is the Red Zone?

Boxing is a high-intensity intermittent-impact sport that forces athletes into the red zone (>90% max heart rate) so boxers should look to develop the ability to perform at high intensities.

You’ll know what the red zone feels like… your breathing is heavy and your heart is pumping hard and it feels ‘very hard’. It’s easy to make mistakes in this zone, thinking is harder, footwork slower and maybe your punch force is a little less.

These are all normal physiological responses; what we need to do is train the physiological mechanisms that determine the severity of these responses.

As an athlete, we want you to become red zone dominant. We want you to be able to work in the red zone with clarity, rapid footwork and forceful punches.

Red Zone Circuits

Red zone circuits are a form of high-intensity conditioning that we use at Boxing Science to help our athletes achieve world level fitness.

These sessions are structured and optimised to reach the required intensity that will promote physical adaptations to improve high-intensity performance.

These can be used as a full conditioning session, or as a ‘finisher’ for your S&C and boxing sessions. These require minimal or no equipment, and can even be integrated with your boxing training.

Below is an example of our Boxing specific circuits.

Circuits can be used with minimal and inexpensive kit in almost any training environment.

Can be very time effective and used with large group settings.

Can improve other physical attributes during high-intensity activity such as speed, force production and co-ordination.

Requires concentration and focus during fatigued situations.

An effective alternative conditioning method if athletes are unable to run, or require specific conditioning stimulus.

A fun alternative, keeps athletes fresh and engaged


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