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Above, we speak to Ryszard Lewicki and Will Simpson about training, sport science and the build up to the national championships following their recent Yorkshire Boxing Title wins.

Both lads are Boxing Science regulars and senior elite representatives of Sheffield City ABC. Although amateur by name, both lads dedicate their lives to boxing training over 20 hours per week in the boxing gym and at the labs at Sheffield Hallam University.

Ryszard and Will attend our large group training cluster sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, as well as attending the Combat Conditioning session on Saturday mornings. They take part in dynamic movement drills, structured strength programs including Olympic lifting, and gruesome conditioning drills on the curve and circuits. Stronger!

Fitter, Stronger and Punching Harder

The lads have recently taken part in our physiological testing (click here to see more), and recorded some awesome results.

In comparison to testing just before last years ABA’s, Ryszard recorded a massive 22% increase in jump height, suggesting an improvement in lower body strength and speed. This has transferred to improvements in rear hand punch strength and velocity during our Gym Aware Punch Load-Velocity Testing (click to find out more).

These impressive progressions are a result of Ryszard’s Olympic Lifting. He is a huge advocate of Cleans and Snatches, and started to comfortably shift over his bodyweight in the clean.

Will also improved his lower body force and left-hand punching velocity. However, his most impressive result was his Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test score, recording 5 levels higher than his 2015 score.

This is impressive as this is where we aim to reach peak performance. So we are comparing them to the best version of themselves, and they are smashing it in 2016.

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