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Looking for a boxing fitness test to evaluate strengths, areas for improvement and effectiveness of training camps?

Look no further as we have defined a boxing specific fitness testing package that is supported by scientific evidence. Boxing Science use results from the range of tests to define the key performance indicators for boxing and how beneficial sport science training interventions are on physical performance of boxers.

Here we share a short video of the infamous test we use to analyse a boxer’s aerobic fitness.

Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test
  • Tests the ability to repeat high intensity exercise with a short, intermittent recovery.
  • Strong relationships for Yo-Yo performance with competitive experience and age for 30 amateur boxers.
  • Reliable and recognised test used predominantly in professional football, hockey and rugby.

Want to give our testing a go? See our testing packages page for more information on how you can receive detailed information on your physical performance – strengths, areas for improvement and training recommendations


IMG_7323 (1)Callum Beardow | Elite Amateur, 2012 National ABA Junior Champion, Light-Heavyweight

“The Yo-Yo test is very similar to boxing as it gets harder the longer you go on, whether it be during the test or a fight the harder its gets. However, you still have to increase the speed of  short bursts of intense work”