Fitness Testing


During a study in early 2014, Combat Conditioning defined a series of valid fitness tests for boxing. From this we produced a comprehensive database that will rock the Boxing world in the near future.

The database enables us to analyse our boxers’ fitness levels compared to similar age, ability and weight class.

Following the analysis, we provide the athletes and coaches detailed feedback to identify strengths and weaknesses,  to inform future training goals and to evaluate the effectiveness of their training camp.

Price: Included in most training packages. Prices vary. with gym packages negotiable.

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What do the boxers say?

 jamesJames Linley | Middleweight Amateur from Sheffield City ABC

“Over the past 2 years, Combat Conditioning has improved my strength, speed, mobility and all-round athleticism. This has allowed me to box at a high work rate and the ability to recover quickly between rounds, giving me a physical edge over opponents. I particularly find the testing sessions useful as I know my strengths, areas for improvement and how I am progressing on the program. The results feedback are well detailed and presented in an understandable format”


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