Combat Conditioning Saturday Sessions

CC Saturdays

Low cost strength and conditioning training clinic for boxers and combat athletes of all ages and abilities.

Regulars will go through the Combat Conditioning ‘Graduation’, where Junior and Senior participants will complete Bronze, Silver and Gold stages.

This creates a quality long term athletic development program targeting movement, strength, power and fitness.

These sessions take place at a newly refurbished facility at Sheffield Hallam University great for large training groups to go through mobility, speed and strength training drills before the killer circuit to finish off.

Price: £3.50 per session or £30 for 10 week packages.

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What do the boxers say?

10427301_10152325032466106_600817433864349635_nLeon Moulds | Yorkshire Schoolboy Champion and Squad Representative 2014

“Combat conditioning is a great place to be both mentally and physically, the coaches are very supportive and motivating. The program has really brought me on lot since I first started about twelve months ago. My punching power has increased massively due to the fact that my legs are becoming stronger as we do lots of different leg exercise to improve our rotation and power. The lessons have a really good structure, you start of with a warm up which contains lots of unusual and complex stretches, this also improves my mobility. Then you move onto your own individual programme what you follow every week jotting down your new weight amounts as you go. There are lots of programs to progress to the exercise get more interesting and more complex as you go along. At the end, everybody comes together to do a timed circuit consisting of arm, leg and stamina exercises and to finish of there is a little cool down. Combat conditioning is the place to be on your Saturday mornings, I truely recomend it..”

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