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TLAC 2.0 – Conditioning Program


This is the second instalment of the TLAC conditioning programs, as we progress athletes onto our more advanced training methods….

Sprint clusters – Experience the advanced Boxing Science conditioning methods

High intensity red zone runs

Two-week conditioning block for your tapering phase, to get you fired up for fight night.


Are you craving for that world level fitness?

Let your fitness enable you to go faster and harder in sparring? Dominate every round at a high tempo on fight night?

Do you want a detailed running program that will push your body to the limits and get optimal results without running you into the ground?

If your answer is YES! Then the TLAC 2.0 Conditioning Handbook is ideal for you….

This handbook is the second instalment to our ‘Train Like A Champion’ series, including the 10-week high-intensity conditioning program.

The program has helped 100’s of athletes worldwide to achieve the fitness levels they’ve always dreamed of…

A famous Boxing Science quote is “It doesn’t get easier; it just gets faster”.

The ‘TLAC 2.0 – Conditioning Handbook’  is the next stage of the journey to world level fitness!

Why High-Intensity Interval Training?

Traditional boxing training methods has seen athletes perform long, steady (in our eyes slow) road runs to build up endurance to ‘go the distance’.

What about if we told you that boxing is not an endurance sport? And that you are no longer required to spend hours pounding the pavements?

Research shows that boxers experience high heart-rates and lactate levels, as well as high punch frequency, volume and force output.

This suggests that Boxing is a high-intensity intermittent-impact sport. Boxers should then look to develop the ability to perform at high intensities.

High-intensity interval training is an effective conditioning tool to improve your intensity you can perform at, and how you can repeat and endure them. This program will target YOUR ability to perform and dominate the ‘red zone’.

Why do we need to change our training?

Progressive overload and training variation is needed to stimulate new physiological adaptations. TLAC 2.0 will progress you on to more advanced training methods to help you keep pushing your body and get better results.

In this handbook…

We provide you with a new 10-week running conditioning program to take your fitness to the next level.

We manipulate the intensity and volume of your runs during the 10-week conditioning program to push your body to the limit in the pursuit for world-level fitness.

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