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Train Like A Champion – Remastered




At Boxing Science – our sport science training methods have helped improve top athletes by a massive 15% across the board.

We’ve also seen higher improvements in upcoming amateur athletes and aspiring professional fighters.

What are your training goals? Will becoming fitter, faster and stronger help you achieve this?

What about your coaching development? Can the application of S&C help improve your athletes performance?

Maybe you recognise the benefits… but struggle to implement our methods.

Boxing Science’s world recognised ‘Train Like A Champion’ programme can take the guesswork away and guide you to elite performance.

At the click of a button, you can access our world-class methods in strength training, high-intensity conditioning,

Boxing Science’s “Train Like A Champion” is the most comprehensive online sport science programme in boxing and combat sports, and has been accessed by 100’s of athletes and coaches in over 20 different countries worldwide.

This 10-week programme is guaranteed to improve you strength, movement and fitness….

Helping you perform better and UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL!

We’ve seen some impressive results in under 10 weeks and received some amazing feedback

5-10% gains in lower-body strength and speed

5% improvements in aerobic fitness

Significant improvements in movement skills and mobility

These results are from just 10-weeks of training; continued commitment to the programme sees even better results not only on our tests… but in the ring too.

Here’s what’s in store…









Five detailed electronic handbooks make up the comprehensive 10-Week Sport Science Programme for Boxers and Combat Athletes

Strength Handbook – Get faster and stronger with our S&C handbook with over 30 visual demonstrations

Nutrition Handbook – Make the weight easier and healthier with our weight-category specific nutrition guide

Conditioning Handbook – Improve high-intensity fitness with our world-class conditioning programme

Testing and Monitoring Handbook – Highlight areas for improvement and monitor progress with our adapted testing and analysis guide

Movement Handbook – Improve movement and reduce the likelihood of injury with our mobility routine and circuits.