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Bespoke Nutrition Service for Boxing and Combat Sports



Improve your body composition and fuel your performance

This is a fantastic opportunity to have a nutrition service tailored to your individual needs, requirements and goals.

We’re excited to be launching our BRAND NEW Bespoke Nutrition service for boxing.

This is a 10-week individualised support package that includes….

πŸ“Š Multi-Phased Diet
πŸ‘Š Fight Week Nutrition
πŸ“ˆ Rehydration and Refuel Strategies
πŸ’» Zoom / Skype Consultation
πŸ“² WhatsApp Weekly Drop In Sessions



At Boxing Science, we’re firm believers that nutrition shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all approach’. Athletes should have plans suited to their individual needs, have the support and education.

Getting the correct nutrition advice is crucial in a boxers development. Nutrition can help unlock your physical capabilities by optimising your body composition, fuelling your sessions and making weight safely and effectively.

πŸ“ˆ Fuel Training
πŸ’ͺ Improve Body Composition.
πŸ“‰ Make Weight Safely
πŸ‘Š Refuel and Fight

Hi there, my name is Lee Rickards, I’m excited to be providing you with your bespoke nutrition service – helping you hit your body composition goals and fuelling your performance. Here’s a little bit about me…

I am qualified sport and exercise nutrition practitioner registrant with the British Dietetic Association. I am a level one certified kinathropometrist with the International Society of Advancement of Kinanthropometry. I also hold undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Sport Science for Performance Coaching (BSc) and Applied Sport Science (MSc). I am a UKAD anti-doping advisor who promotes a drug free sport. I am currently studying a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University investigating the effects of polyphenols on recovery from exercise induced muscle damage.

I advocate a food first approach to nutrition and use an evidence-based supplement strategy that abides by UKAD. I promote an ethical, equal and diverse working relationship with all athletes I work with. Your health is my number 1 priority and if I believe that in any way your health could be in danger, I will advise you to cancel or delay your fight.

I have worked with a variety of athletes including combat sport athletes competing for British, Commonwealth, European and World titles. This includes Boxing of course, as well as taekwondo and Thai-boxing.

We’re excited to be launching our BRAND NEW Bespoke Nutrition service for boxing. This is a 10-week individualised support package that includes….

πŸ“Š Multi-Phased Diet

It is important that your nutrition matches your training to optimise performance. At certain times throughout a training camp, training will likely change for example increased rounds for sparring. Moreover, as you become leaner your body becomes more efficient meaning that your energy needs need to be changed. Therefore, every 3-4 weeks your nutrition will be altered to match your current training schedule, energy and micronutrient needs to ensure optimal health and performnce to minimise injury and illness risk.

πŸ‘Š Fight Week Nutrition

During fight week there are some variables that can be manipulated to help lose some extra weight before the weigh in. This can be in the form of food, water and sodium intake. This combined with a multi-phased structured diet to reduce body fat and improve body composition can help you make weight safely and effectively.

πŸ“ˆ Rehydration and Refuel Strategies

It is vital that you have a rehydration and refuel strategy to make sure that no stone is left unturned for optimal performance. If the rehydration and refuel strategy is not individually tailored this can put your health at risk and be detrimental to your performance. With a well structured plan we can ensure that all markers are in place to improve your performance in the ring.

πŸ’» Zoom / Skype Consultation

The best nutrition plan is one that you can adhere too. Through frequent consultations with myself we can discuss and adapt nutrition principles that fit in with your current lifestyle and schedule for example any foods you like or dislike so we can change them as an when required.

πŸ“² WhatsApp Weekly Drop In Sessions

In life and sport, plans can change quickly due to extenuating circumstances. With a quick Whatsapp message we can identify the problems and how to overcome them quickly to ensure that you remain on track with your weight loss and performance goals.

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