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VEGAN Nutrition for Boxing by Boxing Science




Improve your body composition and fuel your performance on a Vegan Diet

We’re excited to launch our VEGAN Nutrition Handbook – Ideal for any boxer or combat athlete looking to….

  • Improve Body Composition
  • Gain / Maintain Muscle Mass
  • Fuel Training and Recovery
  • Make Weight Safely and Effectively

The Boxing Science VEGAN Nutrition Handbook contains +100 pages of evidence based practice to help you follow the Boxing Science Nutrition methods whilst being on a Vegan diet.

This includes a range of Vegan Recipes, High-Protein Alternatives and Vegan Friendly Supplements.

These strategies will help lose weight, get leaner and FUEL YOUR PERFORMANCE.

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This is your complete guide to nutrition for Boxing. In this e-book, we share our data and research driven approach that we use to help fuel performance, improve body composition and make weight safely.

📈 Fuel Training
💪 Improve Body Composition.
📉 Make Weight Safely and Effectively
👊 Refuel and Fight


Why is Nutrition So Important for Boxing?

Due to boxing being a weight category sport, nutrition plays a massive role in helping an athlete make weight safely and effectively. However, nutrition can play a more important role in boxing than just helping an athlete make weight.

At Boxing Science, we plan our nutrition strategies to help fuel high intensity performance as well as being able to recover from hard training sessions. This can be difficult when athletes train twice a day and regularly in a negative energy balance.

Impaired recovery can lead to decrements in performance as well as an increased risk of injury and illness. The guidelines here will ensure you are fuelled for training without compromising making weight. Like all our approaches to training it’s based on scientific evidence and planned and delivered in a deliberate and systematic manner.

Getting the correct nutrition advice is crucial in a boxers development. Nutrition can help unlock your physical capabilities by optimising your body composition, fuelling your sessions and making weight safely and effectively.


Vegan diets are becoming more popular in elite sport as people become more conscious of their environmental impact and animal welfare. Also, many people say they feel a benefit of consuming more fibre, fruit and vegetables from a vegan diet. Certain boxers who have turned to veganism include Canelo and Tim Bradley.

We have designed this in-depth Vegan Edition Nutrition Handbook to help those athletes who are vegan to optimise their performance.

Vegan diets can cause serious health and performance issues if not planned carefully.

Therefore, we have analysed all the latest evidence on Vegan diets and put this into a nutrition handbook to help you fuel performance, improve body composition, and make weight safely.

Hi there, my name is Lee Rickards, I’m excited to be sharing our brand new Vegan Nutrition Handbook with you – helping you hit your body composition goals and fuelling your performance whilst following a Vegan Diet. Here’s a little bit about me…

I am qualified sport and exercise nutrition practitioner registrant with the British Dietetic Association. I am a level one certified kinathropometrist with the International Society of Advancement of Kinanthropometry. I also hold undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Sport Science for Performance Coaching (BSc) and Applied Sport Science (MSc). I am a UKAD anti-doping advisor who promotes a drug free sport. I am currently studying a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University investigating the effects of polyphenols on recovery from exercise induced muscle damage.

I advocate a food first approach to nutrition and use an evidence-based supplement strategy that abides by UKAD. I promote an ethical, equal and diverse working relationship with all athletes I work with. Your health is my number 1 priority and if I believe that in any way your health could be in danger, I will advise you to cancel or delay your fight.

I have worked with a variety of athletes including combat sport athletes competing for British, Commonwealth, European and World titles. This includes Boxing of course, as well as taekwondo and Thai-boxing.

We’re excited to be launching our VEGAN Nutrition Handbook for boxing. This is the ULTIMATE guide to making weight, improving body composition and fuelling performance….

Vegan diets have become more popular in recent years, and we respect athletes who are vegan for animal welfare and ethical reasons.

However, there are many challenges when implementing a vegan diet in Boxing. It is often difficult to achieve the appropriate energy intakes, adequate protein consumption and maintain vitamin and mineral levels.

This was our motivation for this e-book, to provide a guide and offer solutions to help Vegan athletes fuel performance and boost recovery.


Protein is for muscle, Carbs are for energy, Fat is for health…… most athletes know this but struggle with knowing what quantity to have, periodising effectively during camp and how to structure their daily intakes around training.

Hitting the appropriate macronutrient targets can be difficult for Vegan athletes, especially protein.  Protein is often derived from animal sources and fish, leaving Vegans substituting with plant-based proteins. However, low protein volumes and bioavailability affect total protein absorption.

Inadequate protein intake can reduce muscle protein synthesis, which is vital for promoting physical adaptations and aiding recovery.

In this handbook, we explain the science behind macro-nutritients, why they’re important for Boxing and how to hit the correct totals when on a Vegan diet.


During a training camp every day will not be the same due to changes in your training volume and intensity. Therefore, it is important that you manipulate the energy you consume accordingly. For example, a 12-round sparring session and a high intensity running session will require a greater energy demand than a taper of a light speed-work session. Furthermore, a rest day will require less energy than a training day.

Vegan diets can affect an athletes ability to consume enough calories around training, therefore affecting performance and recovery.

In this e-book, we provide you with templates for regular training days, harder training days and rest days.

Supplement Guide

Supplements can be a challenging area for athletes to manage. We often get asked what are the best supplements to take? When to take supplements? and how much should you take?

In particular, supplements is an important aspect to a Vegan diet to help achieve macro- and micro-nutrient targets. Due to restriction of animal sources and fish, Vegan athletes can become deficient in calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin D and B12. All of these will be detrimental to performance.

Furthermore, popular supplements such as whey protein, omega-3 and some probiotics are often not vegan-friendly. This makes it challenging for Vegan athletes to get the extra percentages out of training.

In this e-book, we provide a detailed guide on what supplements are needed to help regulate a Vegan diet.


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Fight Week Nutrition Strategies

During fight week there are some variables that can be manipulated to help lose some extra weight before the weigh in. This can be in the form of food, water and sodium intake. In this e-book, we share some evidence-based strategies to make weight more effectively.

Rehydration and Refuel Strategies

It is vital that you have a rehydration and refuel strategy to make sure that no stone is left unturned for optimal performance. If the rehydration and refuel strategy is not optimised this can put your health at risk and be detrimental to your performance. The handbook will share our strategies that will ensure that all markers are in place to improve your performance in the ring.

Healthy and Tasty Recipes

We provide you with some tasty and healthy recipes to have at certain times in the day – based around hard sessions and recovery days.


This is an information e-book that will guide you to better practices in Nutrition for Boxing and Combat Sports

We do include templates for high, low and medium level training days. We also include strategies around session types as well as a range of different recipes.

At Boxing Science, we’re firm believers that nutrition shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all approach’. Athletes should have plans suited to their individual needs, have the support and education.

If you wish to take part in one of our nutritional plans – check out our 10-Week Bespoke Nutrition Packages.

Bespoke Nutrition Service for Boxing and Combat Sports

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