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HIIT! Brand New Conditioning Program for Boxing and MMA


This Programme is Guaranteed to Improve Your High-Intensity Fitness …. which can be Treadmill Based OR Outdoors

24 HIIT Sessions Designed to Go Through The Gears and Dominate the RED ZONE

Developed by Scientific Research and +10,000 Hours of Experience

Used by World Champions, Professional and Amateur Boxing and MMA Athletes Worldwide

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Boxing Science to launch our BRAND NEW conditioning programme “HIIT: for Boxing and MMA”

This program has been developed by SCIENTIFIC research and + 10,000 hours of experience, now accessible at your fingertips! These methods will push you to the MAX, challenge you psychologically, and transform your fitness levels.

Boxing and MMA are very demanding and complex sports…. therefore our conditioning programme doesn’t just work off straight forward work:rest ratio model……

We switch up the intervals to work through the gears, challenge speed, adaptability and mental toughness under fatigue.

The series of challenging and effective sessions are structured into a progressive, detailed plan to help improve high-intensity performance and taper for fight night.


Physical conditioning has always been a huge priority for boxers. Whether it’s Muhammad Ali’s long road runs, Mike Tyson’s skipping workouts or Manny Pacquiao’s Track sessions, the greats have always put in the hard graft in search for supreme fitness.

In fact, ask any boxer and they’ll tell you how important physical fitness is for successful performance. It’s important to be able to work at high-intensities, last the distance and perform to your full boxing potential, from the first round to the 12th.

Over recent years, the growth in popularity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has challenged the traditional methods of long-steady runs in the view to build endurance.


  • 8-Week HIIT Program for Boxing and MMA
  • “Conditioning for Combat Sports” Video Workshop by Dr Alan Ruddock
  • Fitness Test + Spreadsheet to Monitor Progress

PLUS: BRAND NEW OUTDOOR EDITION – Ideal for Track, Road and Pitch-Based Sessions

The longest potential duration for a professional boxing match is 47 min with 36 min that time considered active. At boxing’s most extreme, the world-record for the greatest number of punches thrown in a fight by a single boxer is 1848 over 10 rounds – that’s a strike rate of 1 punch a second for 30 min.

That might sound extreme but it’s not unusual to see strike rates of 150 punches per round either in domestic level competition too. For reference, the average number of punches per round is somewhere in the region of 60 (Compubox) – a strike rate of 1 every 3 seconds.

Boxing is a high-intensity intermittent-impact sport that forces you into the red zone (>90% Max Heart Rate) so boxers should look to develop the ability to perform at high intensities.

You know the feeling, your breathing is heavy and your heart is pumping hard and it feels ‘very hard’. It’s easy to make mistakes in this zone, thinking is harder, footwork slower and maybe your punch force is a little less.

These are all normal physiological responses, what we need to do is train the physiological mechanisms that are responsible for all these responses.

We want you to become red zone dominant. We want you to be able to work in the red zone with clarity, rapid footwork and forceful punches.

This programme will HELP YOU to perform at HIGH INTENSITIES… and have the ability to REPEAT and ENDURE this over your fighting distance!

What do the FIGHTERS think? 

“Boxing Science’s high-intensity conditioning methods have been amazing for my physical performance, transitioning from a prospect to a championship level fighter. Sometimes we’re running in altitude tents, sometimes we’re running on the curve treadmills, which are absolutely brutal. But all the conditioning, it all comes to hand on fight night as the sessions suit my fighting style of working in high-intensity bursts and being able to recover effectively, so I can maintain a high work-rate over the championship distance”


“I’ve been on the Boxing Science programme for the past three years, and it’s done wonders for my fitness as I have progressed from a novice amateur, to a National Championship challenger and regional belt holder. In preparation for the National championships, we have just done some of the new HIIT sessions that are included in this programme…. I can safely say that they are CHALLENGING and has taken my fitness to a whole new level!”


Red zone running has become a huge part of my training regime. Their HIIT sessions for me help simulate the feeling of a fight in terms of cardio and muscle fatigue. Boxing Science HIIT Sessions are a great way to test your fighting fitness, recovery and push your body to the maximum. The variety of sessions and session times also mean that theirs constantly a new challenge to tackle”


8 Week High Intensity Conditioning Program

This programme consists of 24 HIIT workouts organised to progressively overload, de-load an taper effectively to achieve peak physical condition on fight night.

The runs are themed around Combat Sport LEGENDS and Boxing Science athletes, and will target central adaptations and muscle buffering.

This will improve your aerobic fitness, ability to work through the gears, high-intensity performance and controlling muscular acidosis.

Video Workshop: Conditioning for Combat Sports

This video workshop is taken from our ‘Ultimate Coaching for Combat Sports’ workshop where Dr. Alan Ruddock explains the science behind physical performance during boxing and combat sport competition.

This research helps outline the Boxing Science conditioning philosophy, where we work across three main areas;

  • Central Adaptations
  • Muscle Buffering
  • Peripheral Adaptations

Alan explains the scientific benefits of these types of adaptation and how we target them through our conditioning programmes.

Fitness Testing Methods

Put your fitness to the TEST with our 30-15 intermittent treadmill test.

We use this test with ALL of our amateur and professional fighters to assess their ability to perform high-intensities. We use this data to set our programmes and goals for training camp to make sure we keep progressing our fitness levels.

In this programme, we share a video explaining how to do the test and record the data, as well as an excel spreadsheet to input your data and instantly analyse your performance.

Session Timers

We have made the programme understandable and accessible format, however when you are running the last thing you want to do is keep reminding yourself of the plan or miscounting your repetitions.

We have integrated your session into a session timer, you just simply click on the link and the session will upload…. all you need to concentrate on is pushing yourself to the MAX!


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