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Train Like A Champion 2.0



The second instalment to Boxing Science’s TLAC series.

We progress towards the key compound lifts on our journey towards maximal strength training.

We introduce you to our advanced conditioning methods, including cluster sprint interval training and high speed HIIT protocols.




The Boxing Science program has helped you to get fitter, faster and strong over the past 10 weeks – the results have been great and now it’s time to step up your game….

A famous Boxing Science quote is “It doesn’t get easier, we get faster”

Here is the next step towards world level fitness

Progressive overload and training variation is needed to stimulate new physiological adaptations.

TLAC 2.0 will progress you on to more advanced training methods to help you keep pushing your body to get better results.

This is a progression from TLAC remastered, and your next step on your journey to world level strength and fitness.


Boxing Science provide you with a new 10-week strength and conditioning program. You will progress to more complex exercises and shorter rep ranges, this will build strength for that devastating punch you’ve always craved.

• Progression to the big lifts

• Shorter rep ranges to develop maximal strength

• Tapering strategies to be firing on fight night.

Bulletproof Core

Our new core circuits will build you fantastic core strength, helping you to deliver thudding shots and protect your mid-section from body shots. The Boxing Science core circuits will challenge your core muscles in various planes – this can aid your training performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. Also, we introduce explosive core supersets to improve rotational speed.

• Core circuits

• New exercises – including isometric core holds

• ‘Explosive Core Supersets’ to develop core speed

World Class Conditioning

A brand new 10-week conditioning program manipulate the intensity and volume of your runs during the 10-week conditioning program to push your body to the limit in the pursuit for world-level fitness.

• Sprint clusters – Experience the advanced Boxing Science conditioning methods

• High intensity red zone runs

Unbelievable Speed

We program explosive speed and movement sessions into your training week, warm-ups and tapering phase. This will equip you with dynamic movement and blistering speed to get your firing for fight night.

• Weekly speed sessions to keep you firing all camp

• General and specific exercises to transfer to blistering hand speed

• Two-week speed block for your tapering phase, to get you fired up for fight night.

You will receive 1 e-book with a 10-week programme

For each training phase you will receive our normal training structure – along with poster versions with visual demonstrations perfect for the wall in your gym.

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