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Boxing Science Training Bands



Improve Strength, Speed and Mobility with The Boxing science Training Bands Range

Boxing Science training bands range can help you gain every % out of your training sessions, whether you train at a world-class facility or do most of your workouts at home.

These bands can help increase muscular activation, challenge stability, improve mobility and elicit gains in strength, speed and power.

Our Training Band range includes our hugely popular Boxing Science Mini-Bands, a set of 5 high-quality mini-bands that can be used for mobility and strength workouts.

Our world-class athletes use these during mobility routines, strength workouts, core circuits and even during their pre-fight warm-up.


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Mini-bands are a great tool for boxing, combat sports and any other style of training to help strengthen and activate key muscle groups. These are particularly good for the glute muscles and posterior shoulders… something most boxers need to activate during warm-ups and strengthen during their S&C workouts

These bands can help fire up your performance, strengthen key muscle groups and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Each set contains 5 x premium quality bands of increasing tension, making them suitable for a range of exercises and different strength levels. Natural latex material, 24 cm in length and 4 cm wide.

These are easily transported to be used ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME. Bands easily fit in a small carry bag provided, use them at home, in the boxing gym or in the weights room.

Want advice on how to use these? Check out this YouTube Video Below…

We are delighted to be extending our resistance band range by launching the brand new Boxing Science Training bands. This will help you replicate the training methods of the champions we train at Boxing Science, improving strength, speed and power.

We are currently offering purple (10-25 kg) and red (7 – 10 kg) bands in pairs or as part of a training byndle.

The arrival of these bands to our product section, is long overdue with many eager athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts asking us about what bands we use during certain lifts and where is the best place to purchase them.

Now, you can be certain that you are receiving the best in quality and the exact bands needed to take your strength training to the NEXT LEVEL.

We frequently use resistance bands with our athletes as part of our accommodating resistance training strategies.

The addition of bands to classic resistance training exercises causes the level of resistance to increase towards the end of the movement.

As a result, athletes are required to accelerate maximally throughout the full range of motion, which is often absent during conventional lifting due to a notable deceleration component.

Though we are advocates of the conventional approach for developing foundational and maximal strength, we incorporate accommodating resistance to promote maximal gains in STRENGTH, POWER and SPEED.

Using the Boxing Science Resistance Bands you can:

Increase lower body POWER and, therefore, the transfer of force from foot to fist with exercises such as the trap bar deadlift, back squat, landmine squat to press and various banded jump exercises.

See how IBO Super Middleweight World Champion, Lerrone Richards uses accommodated resistance to improve his lower body power in this video:

Build EXPLOSIVE hip extension and hip rotation to WHIP those hooks and uppercuts into your opponent with the banded kettlebell swing.

Increase the SNAP and FORCE of your punches by adding band resistance to your bench or dumbbell chest press exercises.

MASTER YOUR PULL UPS, by altering the level of support you need during your assisted repetitions.

Make these resistance bands an essential part of your gym bag and reap the REWARDS!.



These mini-bands are ideal to have in your gym bag for every training session.

These are lightweight, premium mini-bands of multiple resistances suitable for warm-ups, mobility routines and core training.

We particularly use them to help fire up the glutes during general athletic movements and during shadow boxing.

Pack of 5 resistance bands – £9.99 + p+p 

Red Resistance Bands

The brand new Boxing Science red resistance bands are ideal for shoulder activation, light loaded core work and adding resistance to compound lifts.

We use the bands for Trap Bar Deadlifts, Landmine Squat to Press, DB Press and Rack Press.

The red bands offer between 7-12 kg of resistance depending on the activity.

Pack of 2 red resistance bands – £20 + p+p 

Purple Resistance Bands

The brand new Boxing Science purple resistance bands can help improve mobility, develop core strength, power up plyometric exercises and increase acceleration during compound lifts.

We use the bands for Back Squat variations, Pallof variations, Band Assisted Pogos and Accentuated Jumps.

The red bands offer between 15-12 kg of resistance depending on the activity.

Pack of 2 Purple Resistance Bands – £25 + p+p 

Ultimate Bands Pack – Save 30% discount

Make a huge saving by getting your hands on the Ultimate Band Set.

This will cover all your resistance bands needs – whether thats to fire up your warm-up or develop strength and speed.

Pack of 2 Purple Resistance Bands, 2 Red Resistance Bands and Mini-Band Set

– £42 + p+p 

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