All Systems Go for Yorkshire Boxing

We are glad and extremely excited on the start of the Yorkshire Boxing Sport Science Program last week. This is the first regional sport science program to be part-funded by England Boxing, so we are happy and privileged to be delivering the program to the upcoming amateurs from the region.

This will be a regular feature on the Boxing Science site, so we would like to update you on the progress of the program and the highlights of the launch night we hosted in May.

The Program So Far…

Yorkshire Boxing Tuesday Cluster

The boxers have learned a lot from their first week. We focus on foundational movement patterns through mobility drills in the warm-ups and in their introductory strength training.

Introduced to high intensity interval training too, conditioning the boxers by running on treadmills and the curve.

Saturday was our first testing session, assessing their strength, strength-endurance, speed, force production and estimated punch force. This week we will be testing all the boxers fitness on the Yo-Yo test. The results are used to highlight strengths and areas for improvement so we can set individual training goals for the boxers.

Launch Night

The launch night was a great opportunity to invite coaches and boxers to the university to give them a feel for what we do and how we prepare fighters. We wanted to create a great learning experience through informative presentations and practical workshops. We used this opportunity to give them an insight to what the program had to offer.


Danny Intro

Danny Wilson and Dave Hembrough introduced boxers and coaches to CSES, Combat Conditioning and Boxing Science programs. We explained on what we do, how it benefits boxing performance and what the Yorkshire Boxing Sport Science program will entail.

Strength Training for Boxing

Dave Hembrough Launch Night

Dave and Callum introduced different methods to create an explosive athlete, the principles of the force-velocity curve and how this transfers to boxing performance. Following an introduction to the science behind strength training, the boxers got involved by trying a few of the exercises out.

Nutrition for Boxing

Lee Rickards Launch Night

Our nutritionist Lee Rickards did a presentation on the basics of nutrition for boxing. Covering the benefits and good examples of protein, carbohydrates and fats before moving on to hydration and refueling strategies post weigh-in.

Conditioning for Boxing

Danny WIlson Launch Night

We looked at some heart rate analysis of sparring to demonstrate how boxers enter the ‘red zone’ when sparring and in competition. We then talked about the importance of high intensity interval training before letting the boxers try it out. We also gave the boxers a taste of the curve and altitude tent.

Interested to learn with us?

Want to know more about sport science in Boxing? Well, if you are a coach from Yorkshire and Humberside, you are in luck.

As part of the Yorkshire Boxing Sport Science Program, you are invited to one of three funded workshops happening this summer. These will involve introduction to warm-ups, mobility, strength and plyometric training for Boxing.

The dates and locations are yet to be confirmed, but if you would like more information stay tuned or get in touch with Danny at

Interested to ‘Train With Us’

The Yorkshire Boxing Sport Science program maybe up and running, but there are many ways you can still get involved with our Combat Conditioning program. Check out our services page by clicking here or get in touch with Danny at

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