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Wearing a sauna suit does not increase injury healing

To recap, a sauna suit will increase blood flow to the skin as you get hot. You get hot by exercising.

So if you’re injured you probably can’t exercise.

But if you can exercise then you’ll get hot. So where’s the blood directed towards? You guessed right, the skin, it is not preferentially directed to your injured site.

Even if it was would it help healing rate? That depends on your injury. 

What you’ve learned

  • Sauna suits do not increase your metabolism
  • Sauna suits cause an increase in body temperature but don’t increase intensity
  • Sauna suits don’t cause you to burn more fat
  • You can’t use a heart rate monitor to assess energy expenditure when wearing a sauna suit
  • Wearing a sauna suit does not act as a detox
  • Wearing a sauna suit does not increase injury healing

In the next article we’ll show you how sauna suits might benefit you. These reasons are completely different from those above, which are frankly marketing gimmicks used to trick you into parting with your hard earned cash.

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