6 Sauna Suit Myths Knocked Out

6 Sauna Suit Myths

Sauna suits have been used for years but we get the feeling they’re being used for the wrong reasons.

Our message for most things regarding training and preparing athletes is this:

There’s a time and a place for most things. But do you know the optimal time and place? 

So we’re here to clear up a few  misconceptions. What follows are 6 myths about sauna suits – all of which we well and truly knockout. 

In the second part to this series we’ll tell you how and why sauna suits might be a useful training tool for boxers. 

Myth knockout 1 

Sauna suits do not increase your metabolism

First lets take a look at some basics of calorimetry. Metabolism, or rather metabolic rate (watts), is assessed using calorimetry. In our labs we do this by assessing oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production.  Then we use known energy equivalents of oxygen to calculate metabolic rate. 

If you want to increase metabolism you have to place an energy demand on your body. This demand is assessed as oxygen uptake. If your body requires more oxygen it is exercising at a greater metabolic rate. The image below shows how we assess boxers metabolic rate. 

WATCH: Kell Brook Testing Session

Kell RMR

Simply wearing a sauna suit will not increase metabolism, especially at rest! – as usual it’s more complex. 

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Alan is a physiologist at Sheffield Hallam University with a wealth of experience in sport science. He has has worked with a range of individual athletes and teams, including FIFA World Cup referee Howard Webb and Commonwealth games medalists England Table Tennis. Alan has worked extensively within Boxing at the highest level, having a huge influence on Kid Galahad’s British, Commonwealth and European Title wins and most recently Kell Brook’s IBF welterweight world title victory. Alan is a BASES accredited sport & exercise scientist, doctoral researcher and one of the UK’s first chartered scientists in sport science. Alan will be throwing some knowledge bombs into Boxing Science drawing on his experiences of working in sport at the highest level.