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Train Like A Champion Bundle



Receive ALL of our Train Like A Champion programs in ONE amazing package. Including our BRAND NEW program TLAC 4.

This is the ultimate guide to world class physical performance. This package guides you from a beginner in strength and conditioning, to the advanced methods we use with our world level boxers.

Every base is covered in Train Like A Champion, giving you your own virtual sport science team and the tools to unlock your potential.

Receive ALL of our Train Like A Champion programs in ONE amazing package.

This is the ultimate guide to world class physical performance. This package guides you from a beginner in strength and conditioning, to the advanced methods we use with our world level boxers.

Every base is covered in Train Like A Champion, giving you your own virtual sport science team and the tools to unlock your potential.


Boxing Science provides cutting-edge training to boxers and combat athletes worldwide; we are at the forefront of academic research in combat sports and deliver educational programmes to boxers and coaches using our insights from elite performance and pioneering research.

Our sport science practitioners have over 25 years of experience from grass-roots to elite performance, and we are proud to have worked with hundreds of professional and amateur boxers, including World, International, Commonwealth, European, British and regional champions.

We have developed our unique insights into the preparation of boxers through rigorous scientific exploration of the key factors that underpin boxing performance. Our physical performance tests enable us to identify the characteristics required for successful performance and analyse these in detail on an individual level. This scientific approach helps us to plan and deliver training programmes with precision and unlock an athletes potential.


Although the benefits are well-recognised, a lot of coaches and athletes avoid using strength and conditioning (S&C) due to contrasting information, lack of guidance, time and cost. So in 2016, we launched our ‘Train Like A Champion’ programme to help coaches and boxers integrate sport science into their training routine.

‘TLAC’ is the most comprehensive online sport science programme in boxing and combat sports as it covers strength, nutrition, conditioning, movement training and testing. These methods are time-efficient, accessible for all and easy to follow.

We have progressed TLAC across three separate instalments which have been accessed by thousands of coaches and athletes worldwide. We’re now excited to be launching our fourth and most advanced program to date.

This program is for anyone who is motivated to improve, get the most out of their training and unlock their potential.

TLAC 4 will take the guesswork away for athletes, provide evidence based training methods to help improve physical performance.

  • Professional Athletes
  • Amateur Athletes
  • S&C or Technical Coach for Combat Athletes
  • Keen trainers who want to train like a Combat Athlete


We love hearing feedback on our programs, whether it’s athletes praising it’s effectiveness or coaches being impressed with the information that we share.  This makes us extremely excited to share TLAC 4 with you as this is the BIGGEST and BEST product we have ever put together.

  • Advanced S&C and high-intensity conditioning methods
  • Our world recognised ‘Boxing Science Testing Battery’
  • Detailed and easy to use moniotring tools
  • 100’s of pages of training information presented via infographs


The first instalment of our train like a champion program is an ideal starting point for this wanting to engage in structured strength and conditioning.

Amateur, professional prospect or world title contender, every boxer that has walked through our doors has been exposed to the foundational movements within this program at the beginning of their strength training journey.

Setting this foundation has enabled long term athletes on the program to realise their full potential as an athlete and has taken their performance to new heights.

Do not hesitate in taking this initial, but essential step to maximising your strength, speed and fitness.


TLAC 2.0 represents a step up from the foundations established in TLAC 1.0.

In one, all inclusive PDF, you will have access to a full 10 week program that gradually progresses your strength and power along with more detail around the inclusion of speed sessions, tapering for peak performance, nutrition strategies and appropriate recovery methods to ensure you are in the best physical condition on fight night!


The third edition of our Train Like A Champion program goes that extra mile to promote continual progression from the initial programs you have performed.

This program is the perfect option for people who have followed the TLAC series to date or those who have a considerable level of strength training experience and need structure and accountability to maximise gains from a strength and fitness perspective.

The program consists of 3 handbooks that detail our movement, strength, conditioning and testing protocols, providing you with a comprehensive approach to your training.


In the most recent instalment of our Train Like A Champion program series, we give you access to our most advance and up to date training methods to produce unrivalled gains in strength, power and fitness.

Along with the training methods that Long-term athletes on our program and those competing at the highest level perform throughout their training camps, this program contains in-depth nutrition advice from our performance nutritionist Lee Rickards to make sure you’re fuelled for high level performance in training and competition.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to truly TRAIN and COMPETE like a champion.

The Train Like A Champion programs are part of the journey of the world class athletes we work with at Boxing Science.

They build the strength and fitness foundations, follow structured progressions before taking part in advanced training methods.

This has helped them achieve 5, 10 and even 20% improvements to unlock their physical potential.

“Working with Boxing Science for my S&C and nutrition has developed my athleticism to help me unlock my boxing potential. I feel more explosive and able to work through the gears which really suits my boxing style.

In my first championship fight with Boxing Science I made weight comfortable, looked and felt incredible, cruising through 12 rounds to win the European title in dominant fashion”


“Boxing Science have helped develop the physical qualities required for me to be a champion.

I’ve trusted the process and reaped the rewards. I have the strength to dominate my opponents and the fitness to stay focussed throughout the championship distance

I feel that I am consistently improving camp by camp which excites me as I come into the most important stage of my career.”