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High-Intensity Conditioning for Boxing – E-Book


+40 page e-book on the science behind high-intensity conditioning methods for boxing

Scientific research of the physiological demands of boxing

Learn the science and application of our main conditioning methods, including athlete case studies

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Physical conditioning has always been a huge priority for boxers. Whether it’s Muhammad Ali’s long road runs, Mike Tyson’s skipping workouts or Manny Pacqiaou’s track sessions, the greats have always put in the hard graft in search for supreme fitness.

In fact, ask any boxer and they’ll tell you how important physical fitness is for successful performance. It’s important to be able to work at high-intensities, last the distance and perform to your full boxing potential, from the first round to the 12th.

Over recent years, the growth in popularity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has challenged traditional methods of long-steady runs to build endurance. But how can HIIT be beneficial for Boxing performance?

In this handbook, the Boxing Science co-founders Danny Wilson and Dr Alan Ruddock break down the science behind boxing and the physiological demands of boxing that define our need for high-intensity conditioning. We will then introduce the three pillars to our conditioning methods, their benefits and applications as well as case studies of where they’ve helped athletes become fitter than ever!


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