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Elite Conditioning Pack


Gain Access to ALL of our Conditioning Programs

Your journey to world level fitness starts here!

The Boxing Science conditioning methods have helped train amateur, professional and championship fighters unlock their fitness potential.

A range of foundational and advanced methods help improve the ability to work at high-intensities for longer.

Most importantly this will build confidence in your fitness levels, and feel comfortable in the uncomfortable.  

  • Access ALL of our conditioning training programs included in the TLAC series (x 4 programs)
  • Ultimate Fitness for Boxing
  • HIIT for Boxing and Combat Sports


Physical conditioning has always been a huge priority for boxers. Whether its Muhammad Ali’s long road runs, Mike Tyson’s skipping workouts or Manny Pacqiaou’s track sessions, the greats have always put in the hard graft in search for supreme fitness.

In fact, ask any boxer and they’ll tell you how important physical fitness is for successful performance. It’s important to be able to work at high-intensities, last the distance and perform to your full boxing potential, from the first round to the 12th.

Over recent years, the growth in popularity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has challenged traditional methods of long-steady runs to build endurance. But how can HIIT be beneficial for Boxing performance?

In this handbook, the Boxing Science co-founders Danny Wilson and Dr Alan Ruddock break down the science behind boxing and the physiological demands of boxing that define our need for high-intensity conditioning. We will then introduce the three pillars to our conditioning methods, their benefits and applications as well as case studies of where they’ve helped athletes become fitter than ever!

In this package you will receive ALL of our high-intensity conditioning

  • Train Like A Champion Conditioning Plans 1-4
  • HIIT for Boxing and Combat Sports
  • Ultimate Fitness for Boxing

Train Like A Champion Conditioning Series

The Train Like A Champion series is a collection of a progressive conditioning programs that takes you on a journey to world level fitness.

The first program builds the foundations of fitness, and each 10-week program progresses an athlete through to advanced conditioning methods.

This utilises variations of our three pillars of conditioning to build the ultimate fitness for boxing. Our methods will help improve the ability to work at high-intensities for longer, to go through the gears, power and speed-endurance.

Most importantly this will build confidence in your fitness levels, and feel comfortable in the uncomfortable.  

In this package, you will receive 4 x 10-week conditioning programs! That’s 40-weeks of training in one, affordable package.

HIIT for Boxing and Combat Sports

8 Week High Intensity Conditioning Program

This programme consists of 24 HIIT workouts organised to progressively overload, de-load an taper effectively to achieve peak physical condition on fight night.

The runs are themed around Combat Sport LEGENDS and Boxing Science athletes, and will target central adaptations and muscle buffering.

This will improve your aerobic fitness, ability to work through the gears, high-intensity performance and controlling muscular acidosis.

Ultimate Fitness for Boxing

This is a 100+ e-book that contains much more than a fitness program.

We have gone the extra mile to help structure an evidence-based 10-week conditioning program to help push your body, help it recover and achieve peak physical performance on fight night.

This e-book is an educational resource as we explain the science behind boxing and share an insight to our conditioning methods.

The 10-week program will target a range of physiological adaptations to improve high-intensity fitness. This is carefully structured for progressive overload, avoid overtraining and to taper effectively for peak physical performance on fight night.

The sessions are diverse, challenging and shared in an understandable format.

The Train Like A Champion program was designed to help athletes and coaches to access the Boxing Science training methods. Our methods are based on scientific research, designed to meet the demands of successful boxing performance and engineered to help unlock an athlete’s physical potential.

After years of interacting with gyms from across the globe, we have created a programme that’s suitable for most athletic abilities and training facilities.

This makes the programme suitable for professional, amateur and white-collar athletes, or for anyone looking to improve strength, fitness and body composition.

This program was designed in Sheffield, UK. and has now been accessed in over 40 countries worldwide.


Not only have our training methods been developed from scientific research, but we have also evolved our program through the experience we have gained from working with world class boxing talent.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve had the honour of working closely with over 100 boxers, from junior amateurs to professional world champions such as Kell Brook, Kid Galahad, Terri Harper, Jamie McDonnell and Joe Joyce.

Further to that, we have provided testing and consultancy to some of the stand-out names in British boxing, including Billy Joe Saunders, Josh Taylor, Hughie Fury, Savannah Marshall, Leigh Wood, Dereck Chisora, Nicola Adams, Terry Flanagan and many more…

Currently, we’re working with some of the hottest talents in British boxing, including; Lerrone Richards, Jordan Gill, Fabio Wardley, Hopey Price and Florian Marku.


We’ve also worked with England Boxing by providing testing, training and education for athletes preparing for international tournaments.

We’ve tested over 500 boxers and have a database that identifies the physical characteristics of successful boxing performance.

Here’s an insight into the work we’ve done with some of our professional champions.


Jordan ‘The Thrill’ Gill has been on the program since 2015 and is one of the most dedicated athletes we’ve trained. When starting the program had a vision of achieving world-level strength, speed and fitness for when he’s in championship fights.

The talented featherweight has improved greatly as an athlete, he’s able to lift 2.4 times his body mass on deadlifts and improved lower body power by 25%, as well as being accustomed to high-intensity running.

Strength and conditioning has been pivotal to Jordan’s development, as he progressed to European, Commonwealth and WBA International titles. He is now in hot pursuit of world honours.


Since joining the program in 2020, Lerrone has shown remarkable progress in his strength, explosiveness and fitness.

From the early days on the program, struggling to press half of his body weight and coming back from a shoulder operation, to now being able to pull 3 times his body weight on a trap bar deadlift, Lerrone is arguably the strongest athlete on the program, irrespective of weight class.

Most importantly, Lerrone’s boxing has reached new heights under David Coldwell, and in 2021 he collected European and, most recently, IBO World honours.

No doubt the slick and crafty southpaw is in prime position to exert further dominance on the Super Middleweight division in the near future and Boxing Science plan to be with him every step of the way.