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Boxing Science Year Review

From the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas strip, to the gruelling incline of the infamous steel city steps of Sheffield. We’re proud of our progress over the past 12 months.

When we first envisioned our boxing program, we thought it had potential but we knew it would take time. However, this year our progress has surprised us all and we think we’re in a great position to help you achieve your goals 2015.

So here’s what we’ve been up to in 2014. Thanks to all of you who’ve contributed so much this year.

Stand out progress

~ Boxing Science launch September: The world’s first website dedicated to sport science and boxing

~ Over 30 boxers take part in our study to understand the fitness of boxers

~ Training groups designed to improve the consistency and frequency of S&C support for young boxers

~ Alan Ruddock and Dave Hembrough provide scientific support for Kell Brook’s IBF world championship win

~ Alan provides an intensive scientific program for European, Commonwealth and IBF world youth champion Kid Galahad

~ Boxing Science creates links with Boxing News, providing content for their ‘Fighting Fit’ section

~ Danny Wilson and Dave Hembrough make links between Sheffield Hallam University and Yorkshire ABA to develop sport science services in the build up to the 2015 national championships.

~ Boxing Science becomes a social enterprise

All of the lights

Kell Brook finally got his world title fight in Carson against Shawn Porter. After an impressive win against Devon Alexander and the 5 round destruction of Paulie Malignaggi, Porter was always going to be a strong opposition.

After 12 tough, strategic rounds in the StubHub arena, Team Brook went wild at the announcement of “And the new…”. Alan Ruddock was in the ring at that very moment…

To see the first part of Kell’s scientific support ‘Patient to Doctor‘, click here.

Alan Ruddock

Alan Ruddock and Kell Brook

Raising the bar

Our 10 week training groups really took off this year. We’ve developed a range of packages for boxers and combat athletes to develop their athletic ability through strength, movement and conditioning drills.

S&C has become a stable component for many of our athletes. The boxers have learnt new strength and weightlifting variations, developing good technique and understanding of the benefits of each exercise. We’ve seen some great improvements in strength, speed, estimated punch force and aerobic endurance. They particularly enjoy our HIIT sessions  especially those on ‘The Curve’, a non-motorised treadmill that provides pleasure, pain and most importantly… results!

Will Simpson is currently sitting at the top of our sprint-speed leader board with 27.9 km/h, but records are there to be broken!

See how you can get involved with the program here

Friends in the city

When we started the boxing program at Sheffield Hallam University, we created links with Sheffield City ABC by working with a few of their boxers. In fact, the first Combat Conditioning session was filled with their amateur boxers.

In 2014, our relationship with Sheffield City ABA has grown stronger, with many taking advantage of our extended training programs and the ‘movement clinic’ we did in the off-season.

They’ve had a great start to the season, with wins for Muma, Ryszard, James, Leon, Will, Alex, Raoof and Niall. Nohmaan had his first international call up in November and won his last domestic bout against a very tough opponent.

Special praise has to go to Callum Beardow, who’s been through a tough year with a shoulder injury. Despite the lack of competition for Cal, he’s been training twice a day and coaching on most days, showing huge commitment and dedication to the sport. Post-surgery, Callum’s rehab is going  well and he’s on course to be fighting fit in 2015.

Check out Sheffield City ABC’s new website here.

Sheffield City ABC Nov 2014

The Kid

You could say it’s been a productive year for Barry Awad. Commonly known as Kid Galahad, the super-bantamweight became the European, Commonwealth and IBF World Youth champion in 2014. Alan Ruddock has been providing ‘The Kid’ and his trainer Dom Ingle with sport science support and they look forward to more domination in 2015.

The future’s bright, the future’s Boxing Science

We’ll continue to be writing our free articles but we’re also going to create educational resources, run workshops, help to part-fund junior programs and set-up athlete sponsorship schemes for you, our community.

And, we’ll be  creating more links with leading organisations in the boxing world, with a view to becoming a nationally and internationally recognised enterprise.

Our aim is to help you by delivering the best information from the world’s best scientists and coaches.

Have a great Christmas, and a Knockout 2015!

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The Boxing Science Team