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Boxing Science is more than just a website, we are a Social Enterprise that will be making an impact by giving back to the boxing community. We’ll be providing educational content through free articles published on the website. And creating products such as e-books, training manuals, posters, video packages and much more.

These products will be set at affordable prices, so that the majority of our profits can be used to fund our range of services.  We will be funding training programs for junior and senior amateurs, workshops and courses for boxers, coaches and parents all with the aim of improving your understanding of how sport science can benefit your health and performance.

Boxing Social Enterprise

  • Influencing the next generation of boxing
  • Education through programs, workshops and online resources
  • Boxing Science 2020 vision

Goals for 2015

Influencing the Next Generation of Boxing

Our main goal for the coming year is to part-fund a junior strength and conditioning program at Sheffield Hallam University. Initially, we want to generate enough income to part-fund 10 junior amateurs over 30 weeks in 2015, with the view to make this a continued service. By doing this, we can work on our  plans to develop a well structured and effective long term athletic development model for boxers. For more details of youth training in boxing, click here to see our Influencing the Next Generation of Boxing article.

Educational Workshops

In conjunction with the junior programs, we will be part-funding low-cost workshops for coaches and parents. These will be aimed at introducing the basic scientific concepts we know will benefit health and performance. You’ll learn what these are, how to implement them into your life and training and why they’re important.

Boxing Science - Educational Workshops

Sponsor athlete’s

We will be setting up sponsorship schemes for the athletes we work. We’d like to make our packages more affordable for our boxers and with our plans for the future we think partnerships with business will become an ideal mutually beneficial platform for our boxers, businesses and ourselves. If your a business and would like to discuss this more, please get in touch with us.

Linking Up

At Sheffield Hallam University, we’d like to create stronger links with governing bodies such as England Boxing (ABAE), the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) and Sport England. These links will enable Boxing Science to connect with more clubs, delivering programs/testing and improving the delivery of S&C and sport science training interventions. If you think you can help us to do this, we’d love to hear from you.

2020 Vision

Boxing Science Academy

Our long-term vision for Boxing Science involves, of course, involves academia. We’d like to facilitate funded projects to help boxers with their training, studies, employability and working opportunities. This might involve securing places on training courses and offering work placements, all in an environment where academic achievement is encouraged along side sporting achievement.

Better Career’s In and Out of the Ring

By 2020, we want to have an established enterprise that provides vocational courses, fitness qualifications, apprenticeships and be able to provide the opportunity for boxers to study at University.

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.”Bo Bennett

Boxing Science is already making significant steps to turn these dreams into goals.

Amateurs Setting Professional Standards

In 2020, the boxing project at Sheffield Hallam University will be in it’s 8th year and an internationally recognised program. The junior amateurs we started withAmateurs Setting Professional Standards in early 2013 will have had a strong history of world-class sport science support, helping them to success in their amateur and early professional careers.

These young fighters will have set the standard. In 2020, these amateurs will be in the media spotlight and influencing the generation of young boxers.

Will you be one of these boxers in 2020?

Will you be one of the businesses that have helped a young boxer achieve their goals in and out of the ring?

Will you be a parent, coach or part of a governing body that will invest your time to learn the fundamental scientific principles that govern success in boxing?

Have a think. Let us know if the answer to any of those questions is, “yes”.


The Boxing Science team.