WATCH: Hip and Core Circuit

Above is a hip and core strength circuit that was put together for former schoolboy champion and England youth representative Nohmaan Hussain.

Nohmaan complained of back pain during and after boxing. We figured out this was his quadratous lumborum (QL), a muscle that is attached to the lower back


The QL Mission

The QL functions involve spinal lateral flexion and extension. Due to common poor hip flexor or shoulder mobility, this becomes overactive when performing such as running, jumping and striking actions.

This over activty can cause lower back pain. We can use a foam roller, spend money on a sports massage and try a number of ways to stretch it to make it feel better, but this is likely to be only a short term fix.

To make beneficial long-term changes, we should focus on improving hip flexor mobility, core stability and hip abductor strength. This will reduce the compensatory patterns of the QL and use the preferred muscles of the kinetic chain.

This core and hip strength circuit will help develop the hip abductors (glute medius and minimus) as well as the lateral stabilisers of the core.

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Danny Wilson co-founded Boxing Science in 2014 following building the successful Boxing program at Sheffield Hallam University where he has coached over 100 amateur and professional boxers as a strength and conditioning coach. He has also helped prepare Kell Brook for his mega-fight with Gennady Golovkin, and his Ingle Gym stablemates including Kid Galahad, Jordan Gill and Kyle Yousaf.

Away from Boxing, Danny is currently the Yorkshire regional strength and conditioning coach for England Golf and has experiences in youth and professional standards across a range of sports.

Danny is a United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association accredited strength and conditioning coach and has a Master of Science degree in Sport Science at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. For his final research project Danny profiled the physiological characteristics of amateur boxers and will share some of the novel findings on Boxing Science. Danny will be contributing to the Strength and Conditioning section by writing about the science behind the punch, training methods, working with junior athletes and case studies.