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Through our extensive work in boxing at Sheffield Hallam University, we are extremely proud of the athletes we work with and the progress they make under our programs. We use the testiomonials sections to see what our methods means to them and how it has improved their training for Boxing competition. From world champions to schoolboy champions, here are the athletes we work with:

Alan and KellKell Brook | IBF Welterweight World Champion

In the summer of 2012, Sheffield Hallam University sport science officer Dave Hembrough was assigned to deliver sport science services to world welterweight contender Kell Brook. From this, Dave Hembrough structured effective strength and conditioning programs whilst Alan Ruddock delivered physiology training interventions, which consisted of high intensity treadmill runs and detailed physiological monitoring. In August 2014, Alan traveled stateside to ensure Kell was in prime physical condition going into the biggest fight of his life against Shawn Porter for the IBF Welterweight World Championship Title. Kell won the title following a majority points decision, the first time a British fighter had won a world title against an American on home soil in 28 years.

KidBarry Awad aka Kid Galahad | Super-Bantamweight European. Commonwealth and IBF World Youth Champion

“Those runs, though, are unbelievable! Some may only last 20 minutes but in that time there are some incredibly intensive intervals on a really high pace. You feel it taking its toll after just a few seconds. Boxing is about fighting in bursts rather than just one pace and this is ideal preparation. It is certainly harder than any fight, which I suppose is what it’s supposed to be. If training is harder than previous fights you will do better in future ones.”

Talking about training with Alan Ruddock in The Star, for full article click here

IMG_7323 (1)Callum Beardow | Elite Amateur, 2012 National ABA Junior Champion, Light-Heavyweight

“One to one Strength and Conditioning support has opened me up to a whole new level of physical fitness. I now see S&C as a main part of my preparation for competition to ensure optimal performance at a lighter weight”

Jordan GillJordan Gill | 12-0 Professional, Lightweight

The experiences I’ve had working with the guys at Hallam university, and the testing carried out by Alan Ruddock has been extremely beneficial. Every fighter has to push their body to the limit, but here it’s in a controlled, specific, measurable, technique focused way. The team pioneer new training methods to improve the physical capabilities of boxers. I’m positive that this facility and it’s team are the best in the country, and I’m certain that this will soon be nationally recognised inside the boxing circle.

brenBrendan Warburton | Sheffield City ABC Head Coach, Yorkshire ABA Coach

“Sheffield City ABC’s involvement with Sheffield Hallam University’s sport science team has seen marked improvements in our boxers’ athletic performance. I am sure that the program will benefit the Junior and Senior amateurs in their future boxing careers. I have received extensive and detailed feedback on our boxers that has been very helpful for competition preparation.”

Nicolie Campbell | 2-0 Professional Career, Super Middleweight

“I have been on the strength and conditioning training clusters for the past 4 months. The program has majorly improved my all round strength and fitness which has enabled me perform faster and stronger for longer in my boxing training. I enjoy the mobility and flexibility drills as I feel fresh and keeps me injury free. I am grateful of the training opportunities, and helped me make the best possible start to my career with a 3rd round TKO.”

VarsityBoxing2014-6Muma Mweemba | Elite Amateur, 2013 Yorkshire Champion, Light-Welterweight

“I have been attending Combat Conditioning at Sheffield Hallam University for the past 2 years. I have received comprehensive feedback on my progress, and this has definitely transferred to my boxing performance. Danny is a great mentor making the sessions hard, educational and fun at the same time, and I feel fitter, faster and stronger.”

 jamesJames Linley | Middleweight Amateur from Sheffield City ABC

“Over the past 2 years, Combat Conditioning has improved my strength, speed, mobility and all-round athleticism. This has allowed me to box at a high work rate and the ability to recover quickly between rounds, giving me a physical edge over opponents. I particularly find the testing sessions useful as I know my strengths, areas for improvement and how I am progressing on the program. The results feedback are well detailed and presented in an understandable format”

Muheeb Fazeldin | Central Area Super Bantamweight Champion

“The 10 week packages that run at Sheffield Hallam University are very good and are effective. It helps improve strength and balance, but my favourite part of the program is the running conditioning. The treadmill sessions take me to places I have never been before, this improves my stamina that proved to be effective when taken to 6 rounds for the first time. In preparation for my first 10 round contest Danny managed my training loads so I was fresh for training, improved fitness and I used the altitude training system which I believe gave me the extra edge over my opponent who I beat by 1st round KO. Danny as a coach is very positive and friendly who understands a lot about Boxing, this makes him easier to communicate with in training camp.”

atifAtif Shafiq | 13-1 Professional, Lightweight

“Combat conditioning has been a great addition to my training regime. It has helped me massively with my mobility and strength. It also has a relaxed atmosphere which makes it more enjoyable.”

Nassa BrosNassa Boxing | 5 Boxing Brothers, Ramzy, Loua, Pharys, Hakeem and Raeid

“Combat conditioning is like our little family. The sessions’ generic and sport specific approach have allowed us to make the most of my physical capabilities at different stages of our professional and amateur careers.”


David Howe | 10-2, Professional Heavyweight

“Following a shoulder injury, I struggled to produce forceful backhand punches. Danny’s creative training methods improved my rotational mobility power that helped in a 2nd round TKO win.”


10850344_10152894051882370_858368640_nLeigh Wood | Ranked 7th Best Super-Bantamweight in Britain

“I have been benefiting from Alan Ruddock’s work for the past year. He is professional and exact in everything he does and has worked alongside my sport to keep it specific to exactly what I need to improve my areas of weakness. I have enjoyed whilst at the same time dreaded the curve machine which benefits have been outstanding. Also Alan has been  Monitoring my levels of fitness with testing that i had never done before which shown how much his work has helped and how much more room for improvement there is to come. Also he tests my body compistion, with muscle/fat  measurements so every slight change is monitored and adjusted accordingly which overall is improving my performance.”

1479462_10152737643375155_2330892676236842852_nRyszard Lewicki | Yorkshire Youth Champion and Squad Captain 2014

“Developing my physique during the S&C program has proved a major component in my recent contests. Thanks to Danny Wilson and the Combat Conditioning program, I am able combine knowledge and hard work to step up every performance by reaching intensities insurmountable for my opposition, giving me the edge of fitness and power.”


10427301_10152325032466106_600817433864349635_nLeon Moulds | Yorkshire Schoolboy Champion and Squad Representative 2014

“Combat conditioning is a great place to be both mentally and physically, the coaches are very supportive and motivating. The program has really brought me on lot since I first started about twelve months ago. My punching power has increased massively due to the fact that my legs are becoming stronger as we do lots of different leg exercise to improve our rotation and power. The lessons have a really good structure, you start of with a warm up which contains lots of unusual and complex stretches, this also improves my mobility. Then you move onto your own individual programme what you follow every week jotting down your new weight amounts as you go. There are lots of programs to progress to the exercise get more interesting and more complex as you go along. At the end, everybody comes together to do a timed circuit consisting of arm, leg and stamina exercises and to finish of there is a little cool down. Combat conditioning is the place to be on your Saturday mornings, I truely reccomend it..”