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Watch Ryszard Lewicki use strength and conditioning practices for his warm-up before winning a Gold medal in the British University Championships. 

Ryszard, and many others part of the Boxing Science program have started to integrate S&C warm-ups in their pre-competition routine.

Mobility, speed and activation exercises can get improve blood flow and motor-unit recruitment in the working muscles. This can have short-term benefits in force production and speed, as well as increasing confidence by calming nerves and reducing the likelihood of injury.

Fire Up with Bands

We use mini-bands in the warm-up to activate the hip and core muscle groups through punch specific actions.

This ensures that the prime-movers and desired muscle groups are fired up and contributing to a harder punch.

Callum Beardow said prior to his contest “I feel the best I have ever felt before a fight”

Read more about Callum’s training here

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Get Loose!

Mobility drills to dynamically stretch muscles can help a boxer feel loose, limbered up and flow into his boxing work.

Jordan Gill has started using mobility exercises in his warm-ups.

Fire Up Your Performance: 5 Easy Steps for More Effective Warm Up

Fire Up

 Want some simple, easy to perform warm-up exercises to be fired up in your next fight?

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