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London, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th January 2018

Full Price – £300. Early Bird Price £200 (inc. VAT)

Offer Ends Friday 29th December 2017.

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Do you want to be a better coach?

Are you passionate not just for your own career, but for your athletes?

Do you want to fulfil yours and your athletes’ potential?

Are you constantly exploring the internet trying to pick up tips to develop your skills and knowledge?

Expanding your knowledge is important, but the top coaches get to be the best through experience.

Boxing Science are excited to launch ‘Ultimate Coaching for Combat Athletes’. Our brand new coaching workshop giving you the opportunity to learn directly from us.

In one weekend, we’ll give you the tools you need to become a better coach and help your athletes reach the next level.

Coaches Love Our Course….

We launched our workshops back in October, and we received some amazing feedback from our particpants.

“Great content on the Boxing Science course, on a lot of different courses you just take your notes and struggle to apply it. What I like about this course is that they give a strategic approach that we can apply with our athletes” Dan Lawrence – S&C Coach

“I like the way Boxing Science are able to take the complicated science and simplify it into a training strategy. It’s really reassuring in a sport that doesn’t have that much research, Boxing Science have given me some great training methods to implement with my clients” Nick Palma – S&C Coach

“The programming, periodisation and tapering strategies tthat you use, and the science behind it has been fascinating” Harold Tackie – Boxing Coach

“A great mixture of practical and theory giving a highly enjoyable weekend and a fantastic opportunity to learn from and pick the brains of top practitioners in the field. Lots learnt and I would highly recommend this course to any S+C coach from any sporting background who is looking to expand their knowledge in different areas” Tom Smith – S&C Coach

Not only did they speak volumes… we also have some pretty impressive numbers….

100% – Rated the Theory Content 4 out of 5…. with 86% rating 5 out of 5

Science Behind Boxing, Tapering Strategies and Programming were voted our favourite workshops. All workshops received 1 vote …. highlighting the quality across the workshops

100% would Recommend the course!

This article will provide a breakdown of what will be delivered over the weekend…..

Ultimate Coaching for Combat Athletes

The application of sport science in Combat Sports

It’s well renowned that combat sports are the ultimate test of an athletes fitness, so why are so many athletes and coaches still in the dark ages?

There is substantial evidence that supports the high-intensity nature of combat sports, and the growing popularity of high-intensity interval training should’ve made long road runs a thing of the past. However, many athletes, including world champions, are still pounding the pavements in the bid to go the distance.

Our conditioning workshop is led by world class physiologist Alan Ruddock, who’s helped develop a conditioning system to build our athletes into new animals!

Alan explains the scientific evidence and training methods used to get our athletes reach unbelievable fitness levels. We will also demonstrate different conditioning drills that will help you integrate the Boxing Science conditioning methods into your training environment.

All combat athletes crave that knockout punch, but many still haven’t mastered the art of strength training. Of course, a forceful punch requires high amounts of skill, timing and genetics. However, structured and effective strength training methods can help optimise an athletes punching potential.

Strength and conditioning coach Danny Wilson will be sharing his knowledge and experience of working with over 100 combat athletes. He will be sharing the science behind the punch, different Boxing Science training systems and how to train the combat athlete.

This will include practical sessions, where you will learn the foundational exercises and coaching cues for combat athletes. We will also share some punch specific variations, and how we use technology to track progression.

When we first started our Boxing Science journey, there were no ‘blueprint’ available on how to train a boxer due to the lack of data available.

This inspired Danny and Alan to put together a testing battery in 2014, so we can determine the desirable physiological characteristics for successful boxing performance.

In this workshop, we will be sharing our procedures and normative data collected from over 150 athletes. You can also put your punch to the test with a live demonstration of our punch-velocity assessment, and we will share ideas on how you can integrate our methods into your gym.

Whether it is sit ups or leg raises, you’ve seen core training in most boxing sessions.

But why do we do it?

Our testing results suggest the stronger your core, the harder your punch! Core strength is important to a forceful punch because it links the lower and upper body in the Kinetic chain. The Kinetic Chain is a term used to describe how force is transferred through different parts of the body to produce movement. In punching, force is transferred from the lower-body through to the first.

The core muscles are a vital link between lower- and upper-body, and help transfer force during punching actions.

Strength and Conditioning coach Danny Wilson will provide a workshop on the important factors involved with core training for combat sports. This is another practical workshop where Danny will demonstrate and coach a range of core exercises that you can use in your gym.

“The hard work is done” is often a phrase used in boxing as they get closer to stepping through the ropes – however, gains from a training camp can unravel through a mismanaged taper.

One of Boxing Science’s biggest challenge is convincing athletes and coaches to maintain their S&C schedule towards fight week. However, following several camps boxers now ask to train on fight week, this is down to our sharp and fast tapering sessions firing them up for performance.

In this workshop, we will be explaining and demonstrating our training methods from two weeks out to pre-fight pad-work.

“If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing!” is one of our favourite quotes at Boxing Science, and drives our passion for collecting, monitoring and analysing data.

Since the start of Boxing Science, we have taken great pride in the way we utilise data to feedback to our athletes, to justify our programming and evaluate progress.

In this workshop, Danny and Alan will share different methods we use at Boxing Science for accurate and effective programming and monitoring  in the pursuit for optimal results.

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London, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October 2017

Full Price – £300. Early Bird Price £200 (inc. VAT)

Offer Ends Friday 13th October. 20 Spaces AvailableClick Here to Book YOUR PLACE Today