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Boxing Nutrition

We know training hard and making weight is a battle. That\’s why we\’ve assembled our experts in sport nutrition to help you prepare for it!

What to Expect:

  • Food choices
  • Hydration
  • Nutrient timing
  • Supplements
  • Making Weight

When you\’re aiming to lose weight, it\’s pretty easy follow a diet and exercise plan. But, structuring a diet for a boxer who\’s making weight and training at the same time is a bit of a challenge. So many boxers try to make weight using short and long-term energy restriction plus dehydration. We\’ll show you how to do this safely and effectively without compromising your performance.

As a fighter getting your diet right is one of the most basic yet effective things you can do. When you understand the scientific principles behind a great diet, you\’ll transform your training and performance. And make weight a lot easier.

Our sport nutrition experts will provide you with the most cutting edge practices in macro nutrient intake, nutrient timing, performance and recovery foods, supplements. And acute weight loss methods before the weigh in and weight gain afterwards.

The Boxing Science Team

Sport Nutrition Authors

Mayur Ranchordas MSc BSc IOC


Mayur Ranchordas works at Sheffield Hallam University as a senior lecturer in Exercise Physiology and Sport Nutrition. From 2006 to 2010 Mayur also worked for the English Institute of Sport providing performance nutrition support to various Olympic and World Champions in various sports ranging from diving, winter sports, athletics, handball, and volleyball. He also has delivered performance nutrition to various professional cycling teams and Premier League Football Clubs. Mayur completed the IOC Diploma in Sport Nutrition in 2011, in 2013 became a Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition and is in the final stages of completing a Professional Doctorate. Mayur represented Great Britain in the inaugural ‘Hawaiian IRON MAN Triathlon’, said to be one of the hardest endurance events in the world. Mayur will be providing some great articles for Boxing Science – Sport Nutrition, including making weight, importance of macro nutrients and supplements.

David Stache MSc BSc


As well as being a co-owner of successful healthy fast food restaurant ‘Nourish’, David has great experience in individual nutrition and personal training for clients in sport, body figure competitions and general well-being. David has experience working with boxers and combat athletes at every level, including Kell Brook for the Hector Saldivia and Carson Jones fights. David also has a huge passion for Boxing, you will have likely seen him at a lot of local Boxing events as a keen spectator. David will be contributing to Boxing Science – Sport Nutrition with articles regarding current nutrition misconceptions in boxing, hydration strategies and nutrient timing.

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