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Train Like a Champion 3.0



TLAC 3.0 is our most advanced program to date…

Experience our advanced training methods, including the Boxing Science muscle buffering protocols, designed to improve high-intensity performance.

Strength training will progress you maximal strength and speed lifts for stronger and more explosive performance.


Do you want to train like a world champion?

Wanting guidance with your training, and looking for someone to show you how?

Boxing Science are proud to present the third instalment of the TLAC series

Train Like A Champion 3.0

Strength and Conditioning is becoming more popular and more important in a boxer’s training regime. There is a lot of information out there and many aspects to cover in a training camp.

This can become confusing in what type of training to do, when to do it, and how to organise it all….

Boxing Science can help you with your training and have the best camp of your career….

TLAC 3.0 consists of five handbooks covering all aspects of your sport science training for the next 10 weeks. 

Your strength training, diet, running sessions and mobility drills… we have it covered!


Train Like A Champion 3.0 – What’s Involved?

As we continue our ‘TLAC’ series, the third instalment will be a very similar program to what we deliver to our top level athletes. So you’ll be truly experiencing the training methods

The program will have you lifting heavier, be more explosive, run faster, train harder, move better, stay injury free, eat better and make weight effectively. Here is what’s included in our new program;

Main Handbook

We provide a detailed explanation for you to understand the program, build your training schedule, assess your current fitness levels and set goals for the 10-week program

Strength Handbook

A brand new strength program that will push you to new intensities and focus on developing force across various points of the force-velocity curve – making you stronger and more explosive than ever before.

Conditioning Handbook

Our world-class conditioning program will help you push your body to new limits with our hardest running program to date. These sessions are totally unique as we created them in the lab to suit boxing performance.

These sessions target our Muscle Buffering methods that help improve speed-endurance.

Nutrition Handbook

An updated version of the nutrition handbook providing more meal ideas, new recipes and details on macro-nutrient and calorie intake

Movement Handbook

Brand-new movement program as well as new mobility circuits to focus on the key movement issues in boxing.