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Boxing Science Conference 2022 – ONLINE



Do you want to improve your coaching knowledge and accelerate your career?

Did you miss out on the the Boxing Science Conference 2022?

Not to worry – we now have ALL of the workshops available ONLINE

This is your chance to learn from expert speakers in S&C, Physiology, Nutrition and Physiotherapy at a CLICK OF A BUTTON.

At the inaugural Boxing Science Conference in April 2022, we brought together some of the best practitioners working in Boxing and Combat Sports to deliver an unbelievable learning experience.

Coaches, athletes and practitioners travelled from all over the UK and Europe to attend the event, now you have the chance to access anywhere in the world and learn on the move!


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A truly unique event of applied learning and practice

At Boxing Science, we have always been passionate about making an impact in boxing. We go the extra mile to help raise the standards of research, education and training practice by collecting data, sharing online content and delivering our coaching workshops.

Now we move onto a new chapter as we launch the Boxing Science Conference, the world’s first sport science conference solely dedicated to boxing.

A series of workshops to give an insight to practices at the elite level of boxing and combat sports.

The workshops were dynamic with a mix of roundtable discussions, theory and practical content, giving conference delegates a unique learning experience.

You will learn the science and application of a range of subjects, including advanced strength training methods, how to prevent upper-limb injuries, how to implement high-intensity conditioning training sessions and much more.

Now you can access the range of workshops online – accessible via laptop, tablet and smartphones. 

A Winning Line-Up

We assembled a formidable team of practitioners that have accumulated over 100 years of experience at the pinnacle of elite sport. Over the course of one weekend, the speakers engaged with coaches and practitioners to deliver 12 workshops for strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, nutrition, psychology and business development.

This line-up of practitioners have contributed to winning domestic, European and world titles in professional Boxing, leading sport science the UFC Performance Institute, winning Olympic Medals with Team GB, gaining promotion to the premier league and winning the heavyweight championship of the world.

Learn from some of the best practitioners in boxing and combat sports to help take your coaching expertise to the next level.


Globally recognised as a leading expert in high-performance sport, Duncan has 24 years of experience working with elite professional and Olympic athletes. Presently, Duncan is the Vice President of Performance for the UFC Performance Institute. He is responsible for directing performance interfaces to approx. 600 UFC fighters globally, as well as managing two state-of-the-art high performance facilitates in Las Vegas and Shanghai.

Translating Athletic Qualities to MMA and Combat Sports

Duncan presents a fantastic workshop on how to transfer strength, speed and fitness into a sport specific environment. This presentation will give you a detailed insight into the practices applied at the UFC Performance Institute.


Danny is a UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach with a wealth of experience in high-performance sport, coaching 100’s of boxers of all ages and abilities, from junior amateur to world champion professionals. He is the co-founder of Boxing Science and has spearheaded the development of Boxing Science into a world recognised organisation, with over 350k social followers and thousands of training programs sold worldwide.

Danny presents…

Social Media and Business Strategies for Coaches

The role of an S&C coach has evolved over the years, and a lot of freelance S&C coaches are developing their own online businesses. Sharing exercise videos and educational content may sound easy, however, coaches have to battle against algorithms, capture attention and stand out from the crowd in an ever-growing market.

To put it into context, there are over 480 million posts using the #Fitness hashtag on Instagram.

Without any formal training in social media, Danny Wilson has built a significant online presence. Boxing Science has 300,000 accumulative Instagram followers, 35,000 YouTube subscribers and over 1 million website page views per year.

In this workshop, Danny shares social media strategies to build a brand, grow your online audience and present his thoughts, knowledge and experience on how to improve your social media presence.

Advanced Strength Training for Boxing

There are many different factors to consider when a strength and conditioning coach is working with a boxer. Mainly trying to get them stronger and more explosive whilst contending with high training loads, movement limitations and making weight.

Basic strength and conditioning methods can be useful to beginner athletes; however, there are many tricks and tools that a coach can use to build strength and power.

In this workshop, Danny will guide you through a range of advanced strength training methods to unlock an athletes strength and power potential.

Dr Alan Ruddock | BOXING SCIENCE

Alan has a PhD in sport science from Sheffield Hallam University, is a Fellow of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (FBASES), a Chartered Scientist (CSci) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). Dr Ruddock has worked with Olympians, Paralympians and World Champions in a range of sports for over ten years and provided sport science support to boxers in more than 15 world-title fights. In 2021 Alan was honoured with the prestigious BASES Applied Practitioner award that recognises outstanding and innovative delivery in applied sport and exercise science.

Advanced Conditioning Methods for Boxing

In this presentation, Alan dissects what it takes to win at an elite level and presents the case for why high-intensity conditioning is crucial to high performance in combat sports. After Alan’s presentation, you’ll have the knowledge and understanding to apply the Boxing Science conditioning methods to your own coaching and training.

Ian Gatt | GB BOXING

Ian has been a sports physiotherapist for over 20 years, with considerable time spent managing the sports science & medical services for the Great Britain Boxing programme. He has attended all major events supporting elite athletes on their path to success through Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020, and current Paris 2024 Olympic cycles.

Ian is an upper limb injury specialist with the prestigious English Institute of Sport (EIS) providing an advisory role to Olympic and Paralympic sports. He provides private specialist consultations on upper limb injuries in the UK and overseas. Further, he is the physiotherapist/cutman with Team Anthony Joshua.

Upper Limb Injuries in Boxing; Bridging the gap between the medical team and coaches

The hand, wrist and upper-limb are amongst the most common sites of injury in boxers. This isn’t surprising given the repetitive trauma sustained by the upper limbs throughout camp and the acute trauma observed during competition.

Considering the high prevalence of hand and wrist injuries in boxing, how can strength training be used as a protective mechanism against hand and wrist injuries, what are some of the training considerations that need to be addressed to reduce the risk of hand and wrist injuries and what type of strength exercises can be included in a boxers program to increase stability and strength of the hand and wrist?

In this workshop – Ian will deliver an educational and practical coaching workshop with a range of exercises and strategies to strengthen and protect the upper limb for boxing.

Dr Pete Olusoga | Sheffield Hallam University

Dr Pete Olusoga C.Psychol kicked off the conference with the ‘Mindset of Champions’, an in-depth interview with two of our professional champions to gain a deeper insight to the mental aspects to successful performance in Boxing. How to stay motivated, how to deal with setbacks, how to deal with pressure and what it takes to win?

This was with our very own Jordan Gill and Lerrone Richards, both Commonwealth and European champions, with British, International and IBO world titles to add to the collection. This was one of the most popular workshop of the weekend, and the perfect start to kickstart the Boxing Science Conference.

Dan Lawrence | PERFORM 365

Dan is Head of Performance at the Matchroom Boxing gym, working with Joe Cordina, John Ryder, Conor Benn and many more. He also is the strength and conditioning coach for Josh Taylor, being an integral part of the team leading to Taylor’s undisputed light-welterweight title win in May 2021.

Dan has been a Strength & Conditioning coach in boxing for over 8 years and coached across the full spectrum of amateur national champions, all the way through to World Champions such as George Groves.

Building a better athlete

Dan presents an overview on his holistic approach to improving an athletes performance. This will include his strategies, philosophies and frameworks to help guide his methods to improve strength, speed and fitness. Furthermore, Dan taps into the aspects away from the gym to help boost performance, including psychological processes and recovery methods.


Lee is a performance nutritionist who works in professional football and boxing. He is a practitioner registrant of the sport and exercise nutrition register (SENR), ISAK accredited to perform accurate body composition testing, and has an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science. Lee is also undertaking a PhD in the use of polyphenols and exercise induced muscle damage.

Fight Week Nutrition for Boxing

Fight week is the most important stage of training camp. This is when you need to ensure everything is correct as there’s little room for error in your training and nutrition. There is a saying that many athletes and coaches use… “YOU DON’T PLAY BOXING”

Boxing is a dangerous sport therefore, we implement an evidence-based approach to get our athletes in the best possible shape to make the sport as safe as possible. You certainly shouldn’t play at making weight as severe weight cuts can be detrimental to an athlete’s health.

This is why we share our evidence-based methods and use body mass guidelines to help ensure safe and effective weight-making processes for professional and amateur boxing,

Rob Madden | Physiotherapist

Rob is a physiotherapist with a special interest in spinal dysfunction, IMS acupuncture needling and sport-specific rehabilitation. Rob currently splits his time between his clinic at CHHP and working in elite sport as a performance coach. Over the years, Rob has worked in boxing, Formula 1, golf, football and Olympic winter sports.

Rob qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from Bristol UWE and also holds a diploma in sports massage and a Masters level certificate in acupuncture. Before joining the CHHP team, Rob worked in various high-level sports, private practice, NHS outpatients and inpatient rehab. Rob has undertaken a variety of additional postgraduate training, including spinal manipulation and diagnostic ultrasound imaging. He has written pieces on the topic of warm-up and stretching and currently runs and teaches sports taping courses around London and the UK.

Optimisation of the Boxer’s Neck: Building a robust and high performing spine

Having a strong neck is essential for boxing. A stronger neck will help transfer the torque and force received when taking punches which can help to minimise the risk of concussion.

Most concussions occur when there is a sudden increase in torque around the head and neck. This can occur when a boxer is hit, without being braced or aware of the incoming punch.

This educational and practical workshop will give you the tools to build a robust, high-performance neck and spine. Rob shares numerous screening and practical exercises to help you integrate Neck training into your program.

Gary Hutt | GB Boxing

Over the past 15-years, Gary has amassed experience across the length and breadth of the fitness industry. He has worked across all levels of sport, parasport, and physical activity in higher education and general population sectors, as well as supported NGB’s directly to prepare athletes for elite performance. Gary joined the EIS as Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach with GB Boxing and multisport at the beginning of 2019, where he has been responsible for guiding the physical preparation strategy for elite amateur boxers in the Tokyo and Paris Olympic Games.

GB Boxing Strength and Conditioning for the 2020 Olympics

Gary will share his experiences of working with GB Boxing in the build-up to world championships and Olympic games. He will share training methods for high-intensity conditioning, strength training and mobility. These have been delivered in challenging circumstances, with large groups, congested competition schedule and Covid-19. This session will provide you with a unique insight into the preparations that helped GB Boxing win six medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


We have created two online packages to suit your learning style, availability and budget. Each option includes ALL of the workshops – but we’ve provided a stream only package to make this online conference as cheap as possible.       


Lifetime access | Stream + Download | Full Price £260

This means you will gain access to the videos and you have the option to stream from the the online platform and also be able to download the videos to your desktop.

You will have instant access to the 12 online workshops and be able to access these videos forever.


Lifetime access + Train Like A Champion Program | Stream + Download | Full Price £410

This means you will gain access to the videos and you have the option to stream from the the online platform and also be able to download the videos to your desktop.

You will have instant access to the 12 online workshops and be able to access these videos forever. 

You will also receive our BRAND NEW Train Like A Champion program – click here for more information on the benefits of purchasing The Blueprint to Elite Performance

12 online video workshops

In both conference packages, you will receive a PDF to private links to stream these videos on your smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

There is also an option to download so you get to keep these videos forever! 

These video workshops range between 60-120 minutes long, and give you fantastic insights to the practices and application of elite level practitioners.

To receive this amount of high quality workshops in this one package brings amazing value – with the current sale price meaning you receive each workshop for under £10 each!

These workshops to help take your coaching expertise to the next level.

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition
  • Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Business Development

Downloadable Coach’s Notepad with Exercise Tasks

At the conference we provided a notepad that helps organise notes from the workshops and essentially create your very own document of the key learning points . The aim of the coach’s notepad is to enhance the learning experience and reflective process. This also includes blank tables, graphs and diagrams used during practical tasks.

This is provided in PDF format for you to download, you can decide to print off for hand written notes or fill in on your computer.

We love delivering our coaching workshops, not only to share our knowledge and experience, but to meet passionate coaches eager to learn and progress their career.

We’re always overwhelmed and honoured to have coaches visit us from all over the UK and even welcome international attendees. At the conference, we welcomed coaches from Germany, Holland and Sweden.

We buzz from the energy in the room over the weekend, and this lasts for days after when the outstanding feedback comes in from course participants.

With this being our first ever conference, we were over the moon with the responses we received. Here is an insight to a post conference questionnaire which we monitor our organisation, content quality and perceived value.

We also received some fantastic testimonials…

“The Boxing Science Conference 2022 was by far one of the best CPD opportunities I have experienced in my 14 years in high performance sport. The conference really allowed me to fill gaps in my knowledge, discuss ideas with other like-minded individuals and explore areas that I am significantly weaker in. The structured but informal nature was perfect and really allowed all attendees to settle in and feel welcome. Not only that, but the daily structure was brilliant and the team managed to present in a way that met the needs of those with and without science backgrounds, so please don’t feel intimidated by this at all when considering the next Boxing Science conference. I would strongly suggest that you attend the next conference – it was a truly brilliant experience. I will be attending again.”

Danny Snow – Boxing Coach and Researcher

Unbelievable value from the weekend, and couldn’t recommend any more. The weekend went beyond expectations and feel like I’ve came away with what I wanted plus more. Each different speaker shown a different speciality in the area of boxing science and shown directly how we can apply it with out athletes and why.

The practical application side of things is something that can be generally missed in university lectures and further education pathways. Having the opportunity to ask questions and learn from active practitioners in my interested field was more than valuable. All the team were friendly, open to conversation and put on a great weekend.

Ben Uzokwe – S&C Coach 


The conference has been a great learning and networking opportunity to meet and chat to industry experts and other like minded coaches. Danny, Tommy and Alan have managed to take high level scientific knowledge and apply this into practice with proven results that they have been willing to share and demonstrate. I highly recommend the conference to anyone looking to progress their current practice.

Mark Pease – Senior Performance Coach | Lincoln City

The team at boxing science gathered a team of some of the top coaches from the world of boxing and combat sports into one event. The level of knowledge and experience from the speakers is the highest of any training conference I have attended.

Richard Fearnhead – Boxing Coach