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Boxing Science review Jordan Gill’s progress with his recent strength training, where he’s been shifting some iron contributing to 10% improvement in punch velocity since his last fight.

Mastering the Split Jerk

The split jerk is a challenging exercise that many athletes may avoid due to issues in strength, speed and mobility to deal with the complex technique.

But if you get this right, the split jerk can be massively rewarding.

The main transfer from the split jerk to the punch is that it helps build shoulder, core and leg strength, as well as developing ‘effective mass’. Both a punch and a split jerk engages double activation patterns, requiring a quick whole body tension at impact.

Acceleration, vertical impulse and deceleration patterns …. Making the split jerk a really beneficial exercise for boxing

Loading the big lifts

Jordan continues to load up on the big moves in his program, the squat and bench press.

Now Jordan has mastered the technique and built up foundational strength on These compound movements, he is now able to load up to shift some weight!

He’s pushing out 3 reps to 95 kg on the back squat (1.5 x body mass) and 80 kg on his on the bench press (1.27 x body mass) – these figures nearly competing with the big boys on the boxing science program.

The ability to produce maximal force will have an effective transfer to a harder punch!

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Refining the Clean Pull

With Jordan improving his strength, he’s started to shift some real weight for the clean pull, hitting 105 kg from blocks.

This has made the clean pulls from the floor a little more difficult, as Jordan needs to refine his technique to deal with the loads needed to stimulate a strength-speed adaptation.

This has meant we have gone for a lower weight load, moved at a faster pace. The Clean Pull teaches you to perform ‘explosive’ movements and promotes rapid kinetic chain sequencing, activating several muscles & joints in the process. This has a large transfer to any sport that involves running, jumping, throwing or striking movements.


Jordan says…

“I’m loving the Olympic lifting phase of training, not only because of the satisfaction gained from mastering the challenging techniques, but also the extra edge the lifts have added to my boxing performance. Lifts such as cleans have helped me produce force very quickly which I have found naturally transfers to my punching force”

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