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To be successful, you have to show a passion for learning and to better yourself.

This doesn’t necessarily mean to read hundreds of books or gain qualifications, you can learn more through experience, or from those who have been successful. 

At Boxing Science, we have always strived to better ourselves through reading, watching webinars, exposing ourselves to new experiences and having knowledgeable mentors.

This has took time, money and effort as we have invested in books, courses and have travelled up and down the UK to learn from the best in sport science.

How convenient would it be for you access to experts and fantastic learning resources all in one place?

Boxing Science are pulling together the leaders in sport science for boxing and combat sports in a truly fantastic online event – The Combat Conditioning Conference. 

The conference gives YOU the opportunity to extend your knowledge and give you practical tools for FAST and EFFECTIVE results! You will learn from the best to help boost YOUR career.

Today, we will give you a taster of some of the lessons provided by our expert speakers…..

Five Lessons to Boost Your Career….

Johnny Nelson – Former WBO Cruiserweight World Champion

Johnny Nelson finished off his interview with Danny Wilson and Peter Olusoga with a message to young boxers, that can resonate with coaches and trainers. 

“Avoid the distractions, you will find them from places you will least expect it. Some people may be mean or some might just don’t know. They can’t see what you want to achieve, so they can talk negatively. If you want to achieve and be successful go for it, because if I can do it, anyone can… it just depends how much you want it!”

Mark Campbell – Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach for Team GB Boxing

GB Boxing’s Lead S&C coach Mark Campbell gives aspiring sport scientists great advice for anyone wanting to work in elite sport. 

“I have been really lucky to work with a mix of sports, that gave me the opportunity to develop a range of different skills such as sprint mechanics, agility drills and on-field conditioning. What’s also important is to have the willingness to try most of the training you do so you can understand your program and empathise with your athletes”

James DeGale – IBF Super-Middleweight World Champion

IBF Super-Middleweight World Champion advises fellow boxers to start putting strength and conditioning into their programs.

“Definitely start doing strength and conditioning as it is an important part of being an elite athlete, I have only just found this out. Nick has been a massive help in my preparation so I would advise any boxer to get a S&C coach on board”

Danny Wilson – Strength and Conditioning Coach and Co-Founder of Boxing Science

Danny reflects on the Kell Brook vs. Gennady Golovkin training camp, and realises former challenges helped him implement new training methods at the pinnacle of Boxing.

“When setting up your programs or coaching you always need to challenge yourself. Earlier in 2016, we programmed a muscle buffering phase for Jordan Gill’s running conditioning. This was something I wasn’t familiar with so I had to research and set up new spreadsheets to analyse performance. Later that year, we needed to implement the muscle buffering phase with Kell Brook. Due to me challenging myself earlier that year, I was ready to implement this at the highest level”

Jordan Gill – Featherweight Professional Boxer

Despite being at the start of his career, Jordan Gill has had his fair share setbacks on the road to success. Jordan reflected on his journey to win his first national title with Sport Psychologist Dr Peter Olusoga.

“From ages 11-17 I was in seven national finals, out of them I only won twice. So I lost five times, and I lost four before I won my first one. I kept thinking ‘how do you keep getting up after being beat in a national final’. I never wanted to be a nearly man so I stuck with it, persevered, showed grit and my character to win it eventually and represent England”

These quotes are taken directly from workshops for the Combat Conditioning Conference 2017.

This online event is the FIRST EVER sport science conference for boxing and combat sports.

You will learn from the experts in YOUR field, with over 12 workshops and 2 live Q and A sessions.