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Another successful weekend for Boxing Science, with our aspiring professional boxers picking up wins on the Dennis Hobson bill at Sheffield City Hall on Sunday.

We review how some fantastic testing results lead to top performances in the ring.

Nicolie Back With a ‘Pretty’ Performance

Nicolie Accelerated Performance

Nicolie Campbell returned to the ring with a slick performance against Grzegorsz Semik, winning on points 40-35. Nicolie had his man down in the second round with a left to the head, but did not finish the job despite wobbling Semik several times throughout the fight.

Huge credit to Nicolie, who made sure had a solid preparation to make sure he got the win on fight night. He’s had some good sparring and coaching at 26RR fitness, with nutritional support from Lee Rickards.

Check out his video of his daily routine.

Nicolie’s training consisted of high-loaded exercises such as Anderson Squats, Olympic Lifting and Clean Pulls from Blocks to improve neuromuscular function to contribute to gains in strength and speed. These exercises can reduce eccentric load, this can reduce muscle soreness whilst in a negative energy balance to make weight.

As we approached the fight, we integrated  high-velocity exercises such as Box Jumps, Power Cleans and Landmine Punch Throws so he was fast and explosive come fight night.

The ‘Pretty Boy Assasin’ had some fantastic results in camp, improving his jumping performance by 8% in comparison to his last bout at Super-Middleweight (November 2015). This meant that Nicolie was faster and stronger at the lighter weight this time around, contributing to higher punch velocities on our punch testing.

Golden Kid Delivers Demolition Job

Kyle 1st Round KO

Hard-hitting flyweight Kyle Yousaf showed his power on Sunday night with a first round knockout over his Hungarian opponent Robert Kanalas. Kanalas, who came to Sheffield with a winning record (11-6), could not deal with Yousaf’s strength being knocked down three times before the referee stopped it inside the first two minutes.

Yousaf now moves on to 8-0 in his first 18 months as a pro, with 3 of the last 5 fights not lasting the distance.

Kyle has continued to progress with his lifting, achieving 1.2-1.5 x bw for 3 reps on clean pulls and back squats. This is improving and becoming more impressive each training camp.

These exercises have helped him achieve 16% improvement in lower body strength that’s transferred to a 12% increase in punching hand speed since joining the Boxing Science program July 2015.

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Accelerated Performance Series 1

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