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What To Expect:

  • Interviews with our Boxers
  • Reviews of completed programs
  • Updates on Boxing results and fight previews


We want to give you an insight of what sport science training methods actually mean to the boxers we work with. This means a lot to us as we want to see how it makes them feel physically and psychologically. We will be having a chat with some local boxing stars and the champions of tomorrow.

Review of completed programs

We will review the progressions of our fighters through physical assessments and training monitoring. We will tell you how our fighters are progressing physically and give them the chance to discuss their own reflections on training.

Boxing Progress

Here we will be updating you on how our boxers are progressing through their career by publishing fight reports and having exclusive interviews. We will also be discussing pre- and post-fight views on the big fights for UK and world boxing.


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The Boxing Science Team