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Boxing Science are pleased to announce that we will be working with former GB Boxing star Anthony Fowler as he makes the transition into the professional ranks.

The 2014 Commonwealth Gold medalist recently announced the switch to professional, signing a promotional deal with Matchroom Boxing.

Liverpudlian Fowler has spent the past 7 years in Sheffield with GB Boxing, and he is not leaving the steel city after teaming up with trainer Dave Coldwell. This meant that Anthony was on the look out for local sport science support, and recommendations from fellow boxers brought his attention to Boxing Science.

We will start laying the program foundations with Anthony before making his professional bow on the Kell Brook vs Errol Spence undercard on May 27th.

Putting Fowler to the Test

In Anthony’s first week, we have put him to the test with strength, speed and fitness assessments…. but why?

The loneliest place is in the ring, and it’s even lonelier when you’re out of shape and the other guy is much fitter, faster and stronger than you.

At Boxing Science, we assess and monitor physical performance, with data made available to feedback to the boxer and their coach on strengths and areas for improvement.

Our testing allows us to focus on key areas that Anthony needs to work on so we can achieve optimal results to build the ultimate machine.

What to expect…

Anthony has joined the program in very good shape and a good training history from his time at GB Boxing.

Initial S&C focus will be velocity based training, where he will be encouraged to lift heavy and explosive. This will then move towards maximal strength training on squats, bench and racked deadlifts.

His conditioning plan will introduce him to maximal sprints on the curve to improve Anthony’s ability to perform at high-intensities.

Impact: Anthony will be a fast, strong and explosive light-middleweight that will perform at an intensity overwhelming for his opponents.