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Nicolie Clean Sat 26th

The #Raceto100 has been a trending subject within the most experienced lifters in the Boxing Science program. As the boxers have developed, they have made steady progress on the full lifts and variations of the clean. 

Now the technique has improved dramatically, the boys have found themselves starting to shift some weight.

This weekend just passed, Nicolie Campbell grinded his way to a 95 kg lift and hit the record for absolute and relative loads (divided by body mass).

Check out the lifting analysis in this video.

How did he make these improvements?

An obvious reason for this improvement is that Nicolie’s knowledge and understanding of the Olympic lifts has grown whilst on the program. This was achieved through effective coaching and feedback using a range of auditory, kinaesthetic and  visual cues. However, there was a secret behind this….

Clever programming

Since Nicolie started doing the cleans he has been quite weight hungry. However, his raw technique affected his ability to shift big weight loads whilst maintaining standards.

With this in mind, I prescribed Nicolie with high volume clean pulls and hang power cleans so he could master the technique with increased repetitions at lower weights.

The lower weight meant that Nicolie maintained really good technique, and the high volume meant he had more repetitions to practice and ingrain a better movement pattern.

This sub-maximal phase of training has now allowed Nicolie to get the most out of his cleans when training for strength and speed.

Next Steps

It is clear to see that the main limiting factor for Nicolie’s clean is his recovery from the catch position – it was definitely a grinder of a rep. So we would look to factor in some front squats into his next maximal strength training phase.

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Furthermore, he is still catching the bar quite high – he is almost in a half squat position. Continued work on hang and hip cleans with and without boxes would be beneficial to his ability to get under the bar quick – this means he wouldn’t have to get the bar as high, therefore able to clean more weight.

Impressed with Nicolie’s progress? That is not the half of it…

Nicolie has had to make these improvements whilst losing a substantial amount of body mass.

An extended period between fights and a family holiday resulted in an excessive weight gain. This meant that Nicolie needed to lose 20 kg in 16 weeks before his next fight. With 2 weeks to go, we are now only 2 kg off target.

So an improvement in technique has not only see a 1RM clean increase by 15 kg, but a massive 21% increase 1RM when relative to body mass (0.88 vs 1.21).

Nicolie Progress

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