KO King Gunning for British Glory

Barnsley’s Andy Townend will be in the biggest fight of his career so far when he faces Martin J Ward for the Super-featherweight British title on the Golovkin-Brook undercard on September 10th.

Andy has been on the Boxing Science program at Sheffield Hallam University for just over 8 weeks, and has made great improvements in strength, movement, and high-intensity fitness.

Andy Townend Profile

Smashing PB’s

Andy smashed his way through mid-camp testing, improving his punch-velocity by 10% at 20 kg load. This shows that the strength and movement training has already transferred to Andy’s boxing specific movements.

We’d be happy with these results at the end of camp, so we are extremely pleased that Andy has hit these figures at the halfway point and excited to add even more to his performance for September.

On the Pull


Like any boxer, Andy stepped into the gym having anterior dominance, this means being stronger in his chest, shoulders, quads then upper back, glutes and hamstrings.

Our task was to strengthen his posterior chain, which can have positive effects on strength and speed whilst reducing the likelihood of injury.

We prioritised pulling actions during his strength training, such as Romanian deadlift (RDL), pull ups and TRX row.

Despite these exercises being new and unnatural, Andy is already close to lifting twice his bodyweight on the RDL’s.

This is a result of Andy’s hard work and thirst for learning, qualities that have made him into what his head trainer and manager Stefy Bull says “one of the country’s most improved boxers”.

Go Get That Lonsdale Belt!!

Boxing Science wishes Andy the best of luck in his preparation for the Lonsdale belt. We’ll  continue to provide updates through our email list and various social media channels

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Danny Wilson co-founded Boxing Science in 2014 following building the successful Boxing program at Sheffield Hallam University where he has coached over 100 amateur and professional boxers as a strength and conditioning coach. He has also helped prepare Kell Brook for his mega-fight with Gennady Golovkin, and his Ingle Gym stablemates including Kid Galahad, Jordan Gill and Kyle Yousaf.

Away from Boxing, Danny is currently the Yorkshire regional strength and conditioning coach for England Golf and has experiences in youth and professional standards across a range of sports.

Danny is a United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association accredited strength and conditioning coach and has a Master of Science degree in Sport Science at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. For his final research project Danny profiled the physiological characteristics of amateur boxers and will share some of the novel findings on Boxing Science. Danny will be contributing to the Strength and Conditioning section by writing about the science behind the punch, training methods, working with junior athletes and case studies.