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Cuts and Wraps for Boxing Course by Dr. Ian Gatt



A brand new in-person course designed to give practitioners the methods and strategies to be an effective wrapman and cutman in both training and competition.

Learn scientific methods and practical applications to help apply to professional and amateur combat sports.





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🥊 Master the Art and Science of Cut Management and Hand Wrapping in Boxing! 🥊

Are you a passionate boxing coach, cutman or cornerman eager to elevate your skills and provide top-notch care for your fighters?

The Boxing Physio Dr Ian Gatt will be providing a definitive guide to mastering the science and practical applications of managing cuts and wrapping hands in boxing.

This is perfect if you work with athletes that require support for hand wrapping and managing cuts.

👊 Unleash Your Expertise with Precision Techniques:

In this comprehensive course, we delve deep into the intricate world of cut management and hand wrapping, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to handle every aspect of your fighters’ well-being. The aims for the course are as follows:

  • Knowing the professional conduct of being a wrapman/cutman/cornerman
  • Understanding types of hand-wrist injuries in boxing & how to effectively protect them
  • Understanding facial injuries & how best to manage them
  • Recognising signs & symptoms of head injuries & how best to manage them
  • Being a proficient cutman – working the corner
  • Tools of the trade.

Course Itinerary

Module 1: Understanding and Assessing Hand and Wrist Injuries in Boxing

  • The science behind common wrist and hand injuries
  • Practical assessments to highlight and diagnose injuries
  • Tactics and strategies to reduce likelihood of injury.

Module 2: The Art of Hand Wrapping

  • Discover the importance of proper hand wrapping in injury prevention.
  • Hands-on demonstrations for various hand wrapping techniques.
  • Tailor hand wrapping techniques to accommodate different hand shapes and sizes.

Module 3: Understanding the Anatomy of Cuts

  • Explore the science behind cuts and bruises.
  • Identify high-risk areas and potential vulnerabilities.
  • Master the art of preventive strategies to minimize injuries.

Module 4: Effective Cut Management Strategies

  • Learn step-by-step techniques for immediate and effective cut management.
  • Understand the role of adrenaline and how to keep your fighter focused.
  • Implement advanced hemostatic agents for rapid healing.

What Makes This Course Unique?

Expert Instructor: Our course is led by Dr Ian Gatt who has scientific knowledge and understanding, as well  as world level experience in professional and amateur boxing.

Practical Demonstrations: Watch live demonstrations of hand wrapping techniques to reinforce your learning.

Interactive Q&A Sessions: Engage with Ian during live Q&A sessions to clarify doubts and gain additional insights.

Comprehensive Resources: Access a wealth of downloadable resources, including presentation slides and videos.

🚀 Elevate Your Coaching Career Today!

Invest in your coaching career and the safety of your fighters. “Cuts and Wraps for Boxing” is your gateway to becoming a sought-after coach with expertise in cut management and hand wrapping.

Enroll now to unlock a world of knowledge and take your coaching skills to new heights! Limited spots available, so act fast and secure your place in this transformative course.

Ian has been a sports physiotherapist for over 23 years, leading the medical and science services for the Great Britain Boxing program. He has attended all major competitions, including multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games, supporting boxers on their path to success. Ian is an Upper Limb Injury Specialist with the prestigious UK Sports Institute (UKSI), advising other Olympic and Paralympic Sports.

Further, he provides private specialist consultations on upper limb injuries to both sporting and non-sporting clientele, with a focus on complex/chronic cases. Ian has a passion for education delivering regular UK and International workshops, webinars, and at conferences on diverse topics linked to Sports. He consistently provides lecturing services to various organisations and universities. Ian has built an international reputation as both a Leader and Practitioner in Sports.

Ian has been providing wrapping and cut duties, at both amateur and professional boxing events, for many years. He has featured in both men and women competitions ranging from the first bout on the card to the main event, including world stage events. He understands the requirements to operate effectively in the changing room and corner to best support the team. Ian has completed a PhD uniquely in hand wrapping at Sheffield Hallam University.

His work has provided novel insights on how the wrist moves when punching and therefore how best to protect from injuries. Ian manages hand-wrist injuries in boxing daily, so understands these areas better than most. Further, boxers can suffer concussion and facial injuries in both training and competition. It is therefore important to recognise typical signs and symptoms, providing the best approach to safeguard the boxer.

This course is a 1/2 day delivery @ Boxing Science Performance Centre. The course will start at 9.00 and finish at 13.00. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and 4 hours of CPD.

Refreshments will be provided however lunch will not be provided to attendees.


We proudly opened our doors at the brand new Boxing Science Performance Centre in February 2021. This is a state of the sport science testing and training facility for athletes to learn more about their physiological profile to inform world class training methods.

One of the key reasons for opening the performance centre was to create a home for our educational workshops. The space, facilities and location make it perfect for coaches to visit Boxing Science for the weekend, leaving with new knowledge and coaching tools to apply to their training.

Our performance centre is based near Sheffield, UK. It’s just 2 minutes from Junction 36 of the M1 and off A616 (leads to Woodhead Pass) – making it a great location whichever direction you’re travelling from.


Our Performance Centre has a few different options for hotels – which is perfect for anyone travelling in for workshops or consultancy. Click on the hotels below for more information.

Premier Inn – Next Door to the Performance Centre

Tankersley Manor – 1 minute away

Norfolk Arms – 3 minutes away

Holiday Inn – 8 minutes away


Full refund will be offered if participant cancels their place 14 days before event

50% refund will be offered if participant cancels their place within 14 days of the event

No refund offered if participant cancels place within 7 days of event, will receive voucher for other workshop date or online resources.