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Boxing Science Mentorship



This item will be released 29th April 2024.

The much anticipated Boxing Science Online Mentorship is now here.

  • Develop coaching skills and sport science knowledge
  • Accelerate your career with coaching tools and strategies
  • Stand out from the crowd with business and social media strategies

We have multiple package options to tailor to your career goals and current budget. See more information about each package below.


Secure Your Place, Save £100’s and Pay Later

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Are you looking to enhance your coaching skills and take your career to the next level?

Does an online mentorship appeal to you? But you’re unsure where to invest? 

The 2024 coach now needs a multitude of skills, from business development, social strategies and advanced coaching strategies.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a mentorship that ticked all the boxes?

The Boxing Science Mentorship is led by practitioners that have extensive world-class experience, built a six-figure business and grown a worldwide audience.

With over 10-years experience in business and world-class consultancy, as well as our dedication to research and education, this makes the Boxing Science Mentorship a trustworthy investment.

Over 6-months we offer a high-quality learning experience of over 20 exclusive online workshops, 1-1 mentorship, live Q and A sessions and online guest expert speakers.



Boxing Science was founded in 2014 as an an organisation dedicated to sport science consultancy, research and education in Boxing and combat sports. We utilise cutting-edge testing protocols and evidence-based training methods to help enhance physical performance for Boxing.

We utilise advanced evidence-based training methods to improve strength, speed and high-intensity fitness to optimise physical performance for boxing competition.

We’ve consulted 100’s of professional and amateur boxers, and had amazing opportunities to consult for over 20 world title fights. These include world champions such as Kell Brook, Terri Harper and Lerrone Richards, and we are developing future champions such as Jordan Gill, Hopey Price and Fabio Wardley.


Consultancy is only one feather to the Boxing Science bow, as we have developed an online business and a huge social media following over the past 10 years.

When launching Boxing Science in 2014, our aim was to develop a website to help educate the coaches and athletes on applicable sport science practices to raise the training standards in amateur and professional boxing. Over the past 10-years our journey as been somewhat unbelievable, with our articles, videos and infograph’s reaching millions around the world.  This growing audience has enabled us to convert this interest into a six-figure business from online consultancy, wide range of e-books and programs, and our in-person educational workshops.

We believe that our experience in a multitude of fields can be beneficial for any coach looking to develop their skills and grow their business.


Myself (Danny Wilson) and Professor Alan Ruddock launched Boxing Science in 2014, however they both have a depth and variety of experience in sport science delivery.

I  first started in Academy Football, Rugby and a multi-sport role at Sheffield Hallam University, before working towards his dream of becoming an S&C coach in Boxing. I also have experience in Golf with over 6 years working with national level youth athletes.

Alan has been working in elite sport as a sports physiologist for over 20 years. His dedication to sport science has led him to complete a PhD, become a fellow of BASES and recently been awarded Associate Professorship.

Together myself and Alan started Boxing Science from working with a handful of athletes, put together a plan for the website on a whiteboard and dedicated 1000’s of hours to research, consultancy and education in Boxing. Now we’re extremely excited to share these experiences to help other coaches accelerate their career and unlock their coaching potential.

  • Provided consultancy for over 20 world title fights
  • Carried out research to develop a database of over 500 athletes
  • Grown a worldwide audience of over 500,000 subscribers 
  • Attracted over 10,000 customers in the past 4 years
  • Built a 6-figure business
  • Educated over 300 coaches on our coaching workshops


Here are testimonials from coaches, athletes and personal trainers that have attended our workshops.

“This course has allowed me to essentially download 10+ years of experience from two professionals in an extremely specific and applied context, which more traditional educational providers cannot match, all for a fraction of the price. They allow you to see every aspect of the physical preparation for elite boxers and this allows you to implement their practices which is invaluable. They are also great guys and the workshop is extremely well organised from timings to additional resources. Would highly recommend”


“The Boxing Science Conference 2022 was by far one of the best CPD opportunities I have experienced in my 14 years in high performance sport. The conference really allowed me to fill gaps in my knowledge, discuss ideas with other like-minded individuals and explore areas that I am significantly weaker in. The structured but informal nature was perfect and really allowed all attendees to settle in and feel welcome. Not only that, but the daily structure was brilliant and the team managed to present in a way that met the needs of those with and without science backgrounds, so please don’t feel intimidated by this at all when considering the next Boxing Science conference. I would strongly suggest that you attend the next conference – it was a truly brilliant experience. I will be attending again.”

Danny Snow – Boxing Coach and Researcher


“Attended the ultimate coaching course and found it to be an amazing weekend packed full of information and some great practical work as well. You don’t need a degree to attend just have a love and enthusiasm for the sport would highly recommend to anyone interested in the science of boxing”

Unbelievable value from the weekend, and couldn’t recommend any more. The weekend went beyond expectations and feel like I’ve came away with what I wanted plus more. Each different speaker shown a different speciality in the area of boxing science and shown directly how we can apply it with out athletes and why.

The practical application side of things is something that can be generally missed in university lectures and further education pathways. Having the opportunity to ask questions and learn from active practitioners in my interested field was more than valuable. All the team were friendly, open to conversation and put on a great weekend.

Ben Uzokwe – S&C Coach 


This is a 6-month online mentorship suitable for coaches, personal trainers or athletes looking to enhance their knowledge, skills and business strategies.

This mentorship will give you a detailed insight to Boxing Science’s training methods, lessons from world-level experience, and strategies to elevate your business.

Ultimately, this mentorship will improve your knowledge, acquire new skills and help you stand out from the crowd.


This is a fantastic package that gives any coach or athlete the opportunity to learn from the Boxing Science team. This provides the foundation to our online mentorship services gaining access to over 20 exclusive webinars.

Every month we will be releasing a minimum 3 exclusive online workshops in three different sections.


Sport Science

We share the most detailed insight to our training methods to date, with advanced training methods, practical applications, monitoring tools and programming strategies.


We provide you with the strategies we used to build Boxing Science from a whiteboard brainstorm to an internationally recognised brand.

Coach Development

Accelerate your career development by gaining practical tools and strategies amassed from coaching experiences from amateur to world level


In this package, you will also be granted lifetime access to our mentorship group that will create a community and expand your network.

We will be hosting live Q+A sessions and live guest speakers to give you deeper insights to the world of sport science, business, elite sport and more. These provide you with exclusive content, an unique and interactive learning experience to help optimise your development.

This mentorship level holds fantastic value for any coaches, athletes or personal trainers looking to improve their knowledge, skills and accelerate their career. 


In our bespoke development and ultimate mentorship levels you gain the opportunity for 1-1 contact with Danny and Alan. We provide this services so we can be 100% invested into your personal and professional development whilst on the mentorship.

We will help guide you on specific areas that you need to develop, whether that’s coaching, seeking new opportunities, or how to start a business. These 1-1 sessions will allow us to take deep dives on your programming, career development and business growth.