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Boxing Nutrition Series by Boxing Science


Level Up Your Nutrition Knowledge

Online Course Dedicated to Nutritional Strategies for Boxing and Combat Sports

If you are a Nutritionist, S&C coach, Coach or Athlete currently working in combat sports – this is course is a MUST to learn the science and practical applications of nutritional strategies to help lose weight effectively, maintain muscle, fuel training performance and make weight safely.

  • 6 x seminars dedicated to high performance nutrition for combat sports
  • These are pre-recorded, can be watched at anytime and accessed forever
  • Learn how to make weight safely, fuel for training and competition.
  • Train Like A Champion NUTRITION E-book included – Receive it TODAY!
  • Full references + pdf links of research provided




Are you wanting to improve your nutritional knowledge to help athletes lose weight, get lean and fuel performance?

Are you looking for easy to follow protocols and practical applications to make weight safely and effectively?

Then you should take part in our online course – Boxing Nutrition Series

In this 6-module nutrition webinar series we will teach you some key information on nutrition for boxing. This webinar series is for those who are wanting to further their knowledge and education on nutrition in professional and amateur boxing.

It is ideal for nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, boxing coaches and anyone who wants to gain an insight into working in performance nutrition.

Packed with a wide range of subjects, practical applications and our TLAC Nutrition E-Book – this makes the Boxing Nutrition Series one of the most comprehensive combat sports nutrition product on the market.

Why is Nutrition important for Boxing?

Performance nutrition plays a crucial role in the world of boxing, serving as a vital component for boxers looking to optimise their performance. Firstly, nutrition is essential for those boxers aiming to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. By adopting a well-balanced and personalised nutrition plan, boxers can reduce fat mass without sacrificing their lean muscle mass. This ensures they maintain their strength and power, while also enhancing their agility and speed inside the ring.

Secondly, nutrition is the fuel that powers a boxer’s performance. A well-planned diet provides the necessary energy to endure intense training sessions and competitions. By consuming the right amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), boxers can enhance their energy levels, endurance, and improve their overall athletic performance. Whilst maximising their recovery helping to reduce muscle soreness and accelerate healing, allowing boxers to train at their best day after day.

Nutrition is also crucial for making weight safely and refuelling for a fight. Boxers often need to meet specific weight requirements for their weight class. With the guidance of a well-designed nutrition plan, boxers can reach their target weight in a healthy manner without resorting to extreme measures. Moreover, a strategic nutrition plan helps boxers effectively replenish their glycogen stores and hydrate before a fight, ensuring they enter the ring with optimal energy levels and peak physical condition.

In summary, nutrition is of utmost importance in boxing for a multitude of reasons. It aids in losing weight while preserving muscle mass, fuels performance during training and competitions, and enables boxers to make weight safely while efficiently refuelling for a fight.

By embracing evidence-based nutrition practices, boxers can enhance their overall athletic performance, increasing their chances of success, and ultimately reach their full potential in the ring.

Here is the line up for the Boxing Nutrition Series. 

All of the workshops are pre-recorded, can be viewed at anytime and you have access forever!


An introduction to the macronutrient, micronutrient and hydration strategies for health and performance.

  • The benefits and daily intake targets for macronutrients and micronutrients.
  • Hydration strategies for health and performance.
  • How to enhance training performance and boost recovery.


Learn how to plan and periodise nutrition strategies to consistently reduce weight and fuel for critical stages of camp

  • How to periodise nutritional strategies over a training camp
  • How to structure the diet to compliment the daily program
  • How to continually reduce body mass steadily throughout camp and overcome stagnations in weight loss
  • Strategies to reduce hunger during a fight camp


Acquire tools to help athletes make acute reductions in body mass to make weight safely and effectively before refuelling for fight night.

  • In-depth explanation on the science behind fight week nutritional strategies
  • A range of acute weight loss strategies to make weight safely and effectively
  • High-energy and filling foods to help athletes feel great during fight week
  • Science behind water-loading and creating your own bespoke strategy
  • How to refuel effectively to enhance boxing performance


Learn how to adapt weight making strategies for Amateur boxing to enhance safety and physical performance

  • How to adapt acute weight loss strategies to ‘same day weigh-ins’ to ensure health and performance is optimsied
  • How to stay fuelled during fight week with low volume and high energy food sources
  • Refuelling strategies to quickly fuel between weigh-in and competition
  • How to calculate and implement nutritional strategies for multi-day tournaments – this is to help fuel performance whilst maintaining weight to prepare for multiple weigh-ins and bouts.


Learn more about the benefits and practical applications of the most effective supplements to enhance combat sport performance

  • Learn more of the science, safety and effectiveness on popular supplements on the market
  • Learn how to benefit from supplements, what dosage and when best to consume
  • Fuel performance with pre-competition supplementation


Find out how nutrition can play a significant role in helping athletes gain the 1%’s in physical performance

  • Nutritional strategies to reduce the likelihood of illness or injury
  • How nutrition can play a part during injury rehabilitation
  • The travelling athlete – how to manage nutrition when abroad and help reduce jet lag


Your Presenter – Lee Rickards

Hi there, my name is Lee Rickards, I’m excited to be providing you with your bespoke nutrition service – helping you hit your body composition goals and fuelling your performance. Here’s a little bit about me…

I am qualified sport and exercise nutrition practitioner registrant with the British Dietetic Association. I am a level one certified kinathropometrist with the International Society of Advancement of Kinanthropometry. I also hold undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Sport Science for Performance Coaching (BSc) and Applied Sport Science (MSc). I am a UKAD anti-doping advisor who promotes a drug free sport. I am currently studying a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University investigating the effects of polyphenols on recovery from exercise induced muscle damage.

I advocate a food first approach to nutrition and use an evidence-based supplement strategy that abides by UKAD. I promote an ethical, equal and diverse working relationship with all athletes I work with. Your health is my number 1 priority and if I believe that in any way your health could be in danger, I will advise you to cancel or delay your fight.

I have worked with a variety of athletes including combat sport athletes competing for British, Commonwealth, European and World titles. This includes Boxing of course, as well as Taekwondo and Thai-boxing.