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Amateur Boxing Strength and Conditioning Program


Influencing the Next Generation of Boxing

Do you want to use strength and conditioning with your at amateur boxing club?

At Boxing Science, we recognise the potential barriers of facilities, time, program management and working with large groups of mixed abilities…

This is why we created Amateur Boxing Strength and Conditioning Program. This is perfect for any amateur boxing gym looking to use the Boxing Science training methods with their young athletes.

We have drills to improve strength, speed, movement and high-intensity fitness that can be performed during large group boxing sessions and requiring ZERO EQUIPMENT.

This program is affordable and easy to follow, with time efficient drills that can be performed in any training environment. 

This program consists of a full season training split into 3 phases. The program is flexible and easy to follow, including detailed coaching cues and video demonstrations.

PLUS – Free Nutrition for Amateur Boxing Online Workshop

Online PDF with Instant Download for you to start your Boxing Science Journey Today!



Influencing The Next Generation Of Boxing

It’s always been our mission to make the best sport in the world even better with the application of evidence-based sports science.

Over 590,000 people taken part in Boxing in England during 2021. However, only the 20 elite standard amateurs from Team GB had recognised sport science services to draw upon.

Following our experiences of well-funded youth training programs in football academies, professional rugby and several national governing bodies, we’re passionate about building an effective youth training system for Boxing.

This is evident in our previous projects, which included youth S&C sessions, boxing gym support, physical testing and our summer workshops aimed to educate and empower young athletes.

Now Boxing Science gives you the ultimate program for you to deliver to your young athletes. This will help optimise their physical development and fulfil their athletic potential.

The Barriers Of Strength and Conditioning

Training can often be made complexed and confusing to follow, however at Boxing Science we separate our training into 3 separate pillars. Movement, Strength and Fitness. However, we understand at Boxing Science that most amateur boxing gyms have potential barriers that make integrating a structured strength and conditioning plan.

In recent case study, we investigated what were the main obstacles that have to be overcome to deliver high quality strength and conditioning for amateur boxing.

91% of amateur boxers want to partake in strength and conditioning, however 45% are limited by time and 28% are limited by facilities available. Furthermore, 75% feel that they would benefit from better guidance.

This is why at Boxing Science we’ve made it our mission to educate coaches and provide methods that can be performed in any training environment.

This program is affordable and easy to follow, with time efficient drills that can be performed in any training environment. 

Nutrition for Amateur Boxing

A balanced diet ensures that young athletes receive sufficient carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, which are essential for sustained energy, muscle growth, and overall well-being.

However, boxing is a weight category sport, which can lead to more complexed nutrition strategies being required in order to lose body mass. This has often led to unhealthy and dangerous methods for athletes to compete at their desired weight category. This is often due to lack of education provided on this or access to misinformation. That has led to some concerning data explained in the graphic below. 

We also collected data through a questionnaire, that showed that 58% of athletes and coaches claim that finances being the main limitation in gaining nutritional support. Furthermore, 55% accessed nutritional information through social media.

Therefore, we wanted to provide an affordable online seminar that can be easily accessed by amateur boxers and coaches. In this program you will receive an Online Workshop by Performance Nutritionist Lee Rickards.

“Working with Boxing Science has been instrumental to the recent success of Sheffield City ABC. We’ve had the pleasure of having Danny as a coach in our gym, helping our young boxers move better, be fitter and have a better approach to training and nutrition. The Youth Program will be fantastic for the boxing, helping coaches deliver evidence based training methods in their gym”

Brendan Warburton – Head Coach of Sheffield City ABC


You are a forward thinking coach…. That’s why you’ve made it this far down the page! You have the skills, knowledge and experience to help your boxers become better boxers.

Boxing Science can help you add to their skill, with strength, movement, speed, fitness, co-ordination and a better approach to training!

This takes no talent, our program can take the guesswork away and give you the tools to deliver world class training methods in your gym.

Not only do we give you the tools, but a series of amazing printable poster design that will stand out on your gym wall. This will help you and your boxers understand the training methods, and guide you to better performance in competition.


“I’ve been a supporter of Boxing Science for several years and I’ve really enjoyed their content, courses and work they’ve done with Amateur Boxing. Their testing protocols have helped highlight our boxers strengths and areas for improvement, and Boxing Science put the programs together to make them better athletes.

I’m hugely impressed with the Amateur Boxing Strength and Conditioning Program. The content is fantastic put together in a understandable and effective format for coaches to implement in their gym. This could play a huge role in the future of boxing “

Ben Stewart – Army Boxing Programme Manager and GB Boxing Performance Coach

This program is provided by downloadable PDF that can be accessed instantly. Jam packed with information, easy to follow program and drills that can be used in ANY amateur boxing gym as it requires ZERO equipment.

Follow the methods of champions

The Amateur Boxing Strength and Conditioning program descends from the same philosophies and methods we use with professional boxers, including world champions.

However, with our vast experience in Amateur Boxing, we recognise the limitations coaches and athletes have in following these training methods. That was our inspiration and motivation to develop the Amateur Boxing Strength and Conditioning Program.

We have adapted the methods and philosophies that are delivered at world level to suit amateur boxing gyms, to help build athletic foundations, improve movement and speed, whilst developing unstoppable fitness.

We’ve split the program into three cyclic blocks, each targeting a different area of a young boxer’s physiology in a sequence that builds upon the last phase and helps peak for ket competition periods of the season.

To get the maximum benefit from any training you need consistency – and that’s no different here. Each training session will build upon the last, and each phase unlocks the potential to adapt in the next.

Within each of these phases, we have found different ways to integrate strength and conditioning activities into your boxing session.

– Plyometric, Movement, Strength, Core and HIIT circuits that can be performed during boxing sessions.

– 3 Stage sport science program to be cycled over a full amateur boxing season.  

– Easily taper for bouts and peak for key competitions

– Over 100 visual demonstrations with key coaching points

– Free Online Nutrition workshop


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