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NEW: Combat Conditioning Saturdays

Combat Conditioning started at Sheffield Hallam University in May 2013 as Sheffield’s first strength and conditioning session for Boxing and Combat sports. Since then, we’ve had over 100 different boxers, combat athletes and keep fitters in our sessions, for some fun movement training, effective strength program and grueling circuits.

The success of the sessions has led to the establishment of Boxing Science, a world-class sport science program performing in-depth testing, analysis and consultancy which are producing brilliant results at the top level of boxing.

Combat Conditioning is now evolving into more than just a training session, with the Combat Conditioning Membership, our best value program to date.

We want our regular attendees to benefit from the Boxing Science experience. With home training guides, testing, education and goal setting, Combat Conditioning will help take your performance to the next level!

More training. More education. More value.

Combat Conditioning Membership

  • 1.5 hour training sessions. Saturdays 10.30-12.00
  • Well-Structured, Individualised S&C Programs
  • Testing dates 4 times per year – Jumps and Yo-Yo.
  • Growth and maturation database – Youth Athletes
  • Home running program
  • Mobility screening and workouts
  • Athletic development card

Benefits of the Program

  • Testing helps evaluate progress and set goals
  • More home sessions = Better results
  • Programs are individually structured to help YOU achieve optimal results

CC Price Options

Start Date?

Saturday 16th July 2016. Sessions at 10.30 am – 12.00 pm.

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Alternatively, if you have any questions please contact Danny Wilson or 07875842917