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Boxing Science Xmas - cover

We are not trying to be The Grinch!

Before we start, we are not saying every boxer should be really strict at Christmas. This is a time to enjoy time with the family, you don’t want to be grouchy because you can’t join in the festivities.

However, if you are fighting January / February, it is VITAL that you have some sort of nutritional and training structure to make sure you are not making it more difficult to make weight in the new year.

It’s what you eat most of the time that counts so try to follow the 80/20 rule, Eat well 80% of the week but also enjoy the foods you like 20% of the time.

This article will help you get the most out of Christmas and be fighting fit in 2016.

Boxing Science Xmas - Nutrition

Keep Active

As soon as you stop training, your muscles will start to shrink, especially if you skip weight training.

Try get 1-2 WT session done per week. Also try to keep the fitness up by running 2-3 times per week—this will help keep your body fat levels down too.

Eat a High Protein and Moderate Carbohydrate Diet

High protein intake is recommended to help maintain muscle mass during reduced activity and to satisfy hunger for longer – making sure you’re not wanting to carry on slipping your hands in the box of chocolates.

Due to inactivity, you can’t go mad with the carbohydrates as unused fuel will result in being stored as fat.

Aim to consume 2 g per kg or body weight BW of Pro and 5 g/kg/BW of CHO. If you weigh 80 kg that is 160 g PRO and 400 g of CHO!

Here are some

Eat little, often and keep a record

Make sure you fuel those muscles every 3 hours. Eat snacks in between  your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Enjoy the festive food & drink but watch the portion sizes. You don’t want to come back with excess body fat in January so watch those portion sizes. Eat more vegetables and PRO during main meals.

Use this break as an opportunity to reflect on your nutrition thus far. What can you do in Jan to improve your season?

The Xmas Portion Flow Chart

Try to follow the flow chart below to make sure the food you eat matches the energy you expend. When you have rest days you should in principle reduce your portion sizes, in particular, carbohydrates. If you gain fat quickly remember, unless you burn it off…you will get fat!

Boxing Science Xmas - Nutrition Flow

Watch what you Drink!

Remember that 1g of Alcohol contains 7 kcal! To put that in perspective…

5 pints of lager (average) = 900 kcal

That’s approximately 30% of your recommended daily calorie intake!

Let your hair down Christmas day and New Year’s eve but just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you stop being an athlete! Keep your goals in mind….2016 is just around the corner!

A little tip, have 1 pint water for every alcoholic drink. This helps flush out the alcohol quicker.

So if you are taking the advice on board… Keep drinking! Even though you are not training as much you still need at least 2 L (4 pints) of fluids. Use milk, cordial/squash, and fruit juice to keep your muscles hydrated.


Step 2 will cover how to stay fit over the festive period.