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We have over 40 boxers regularly attending our training sessions, 100+ on our research database and nearing 100,000 pageviews, the Boxing Science program has progressed beyond expectation in the past 15 months.

Our main social objective is to educate the boxing community in the principles of sport science. We want boxing sport science programs to be developed around the world at the root of boxing – junior, youth and senior amateur boxers.

So, we’d like to share our 5 recommendations for developing your own sport science program.

Step 1: Boxing sport science – Plan

These might seem pretty obvious, but to have a plan is extremely important in the early stages of developing a sport science program. What’s the purpose? Who is your audience? How will you reach them and get them involved with your program.

Below is a list of the stages we went through – BS stands for a Boxing Science in this example.

  • Define your purpose
    • BS: To deliver world-class sport science support to boxers and coaches
  • Audience
    • BS: Amateur boxers in Sheffield
  • How will we reach them?
    • BS: Taster sessions, visit the clubs, broaden contact base
  • What is the next stage?
    • BS: Weekly sessions, training programmes
  • Build your team
    • BS: Sport scientists from each discipline at Sheffield Hallam University

Planning the future with @AlanRuddock … Top secret I’m afraid #boxing

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