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Danny Wilson and Dr Alan Ruddock are very proud to be launching the new Boxing Science podcast

This is a great opportunity to delve into specific areas of sport science for Boxing in finer detail, in a format quick and easy to consume.

We will be mixing up the episodes between featured sessions, guest speakers / interviews, bitesize knowledge bombs and Q and A sessions

A great opportunity to extend your knowledge whilst on the move!

In our debut episode co-founders Danny and Alan Ruddock introduce the concept of Boxing Science and our experiences to date, the key pieces of research and what we have found out about the physiological demands of Boxing. 

This is an EXTRA series to our Podcast channel, our chance to answer YOUR questions!

These will be 20 minute, bitesize podcasts that will cover a range of subjects in one place, and helping coaches / athletes deal with specific scenarios.

In this episode, Danny Wilson discusses everything from periodisation 📊 shadow boxing with dumbbells 👊🏼 training with injuries … as well as much much more 👊🏼⁣

If you want to ask a question leave it in the review OR contact us via Instagram